You're Going To Love KVD's Shade & Light Glimmer Swatches

It's not glitter. It's not shimmer. It's "Glimmer," yo! Kat Von D-evotees have been patiently waiting for the brand to drop the Glimmer edition of the popular Shade & Light eyeshadow contour palette. The original is all-matte, features 12 eyeshadows in the neutral family that pair perfectly for a contoured and smoky eye. The brands's teased a Glimmer version, with the same exact shades as the original matte edition — just in a new, sparkly texture.

The brand swatched the shades from the palette on its official Instagram and it really comes to life and truly pops against light, medium, and dark skintones.

If you have plenty of late nights planned for this summer, be it in a dark club or on the boardwalk after the sun sets, this Glimmer Shade & Light Eye Contour Shadow Palette will allow you to stand out, thanks to the extra sparkle.

The Glimmer edition of S&L is limited edition, it's vegan, which is the case for all KVDB products, and it has four finishes. More on those below. The palette will drop at on Jul. 11 and lands in stores on Jul. 13. So that's all the intel you need if you plan to shop this palette.

With all that out of the way, have a look at the Glimmer shadows and swatches below.

You can mix and match the shades in this palette or you can pair them with their original matte counterpart for depth and dimension.

There are four finishes, each with their own differentiation. But they all shimmer like shiny coins. You can enjoy Metallic Pearl, Reflective Glitter, Glimmer Top Coat, and Satin.

KVDB also provided further insight on the finishes in this Insta caption. But you can use these pretty pans in any which way you choose. It's fun to see the brand play a bit with this texture.