KVD Brow Products Are Happening

Kat Von D has issued a warning of sorts. The tattoo artist and makeup guru teased the artwork she is designing for a range of new products and furnished this advisory: "People better get ready to change their brow world." Yes, Kat Von D Beauty is adding eyebrow products to her makeup line.

I'm going to step back for a second and allow Kat Von D-evotees to fully absorb that information.

Von D posted images of the script logos she is drawing for products that will be called "Super Brow," "Brow Struck," and "Signature Brow." So there could be three pieces in this collection so far. Or these could be potential products. There could be more. These could be working names, too.

But what is in the brow range? Is it gels? Pencils? Powders? Tools? Full kits? I can't take the curiosity.

Von D's brows are always full, dark, and well-groomed, so something tells me she will be providing her customers with the most effective tools to achieve the same, no matter their brow or skin color.

Her Lock-it Foundation was expanded to include more shades, making it super inclusive for a wider range of skintones. She will likely do the same with her brow offerings.

So, yeah, Kat Von D brow "things" are happening and while this is a very nascent hint, it's still something to get stoked about.

Of course brand fans let their joy be known in the Instagram comments of the post on KVD's personal page. Below is a sampling of some of the reactions. Fans are already talking about what shades they'd like to see and how stoked they are to be able to do a full face of KVD products.

Since Kat really likes to provide her customers with options, it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if she did several tones for all hair colors.

KVDB doing brows certainly equals #ByeMoney.

Oh, it's happening. We just don't know when. But this tease has the wheels of excitement turning.