KVD Is Making Rad Changes To Lock-It Foundation

Change is afoot, or should I say "aface?" Kat Von D Beauty is making some really important changes to the Lock-It Foundation, which is one of the brand's most beloved products. The Lock-It Foundation is a long-wear, liquid formula that is super creamy, majorly pigmented, and meant to last a full 24 hours. It provides a flawless facial canvas, comes in a wide variety of shades, and has been packaged with a black beautyblender sponge, which totally fits the KVD goth x rock aesthetic and allows for controlled application. So what's new and why is the brand tinkering with a favorite offering?

Don't worry — the full coverage formula is not changing at all. But there will be new packaging, which the celeb tattoo artist and makeup diva shared on her personal Instagram. It's not too, too different from the current container. It's just a fresh update and it's launching in July. But that's not the most critical change that the brand is making to this favored foundation.

Here's what's important — Kat Von D Beauty is adding a whopping 13 shades to the range!

Whoa, right? It was already pretty inclusive with its shade spectrum. But the brand is taking it a step further, so all fans, users, and Kat Von D-evotees can find their perfect shade, no matter their skin tone.

Behold the new look canister for this vegan, waterproof, and full coverage foundation.

Cool, right? Von D, who posted a largely no makeup selfie last week, noted that there will be super fair shades, deeper tones, and even a white version. So if you want to rock that apparition tone with super vampy lipstick for a total goth presentation, you can. Or if you have dark skin, you will have more choices. In the caption, Von D even enthused that "I'm just adding much-needed shade extensions." That opens the product up to an even wider variety of users. It's smart beauty business.

Currently, there are 20 shades already available on the Kat Von D Beauty site. There are 13 more on the way, as noted by Von D's informative and impassioned caption. Clearly, she loves creating foundation innovations.

So if you are a diehard lover of the Lock-It Foundation, don't stress. The formula will remain "unmessedwith." It's just getting additional shades and a pretty new case... which I must admit reminds me of the Kylie Lip Kit with its dripping black aesthetic.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty (2)