Kat Von D & Billie Joe Armstrong Released An Eyeliner & Smoky Eyes Will Never Be The Same

The first big beauty trend of 2018 is here, and it comes courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty. The Kat Von D x Green Day Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner is the brand's collab with Green Day singer and punk rock icon Billie Joe Armstrong. The creamy-textured, black AF liner is limited edition and will give you that smudged, "I-slept-in-my-makeup" smoky eye look — but you won't actually have to crash without taking off your makeup, since that can ruin your pillow cases and sheets, in addition to seriously messing with your skin.

"Lived in" eye makeup is supposed to be effortless and this chubby, anti-perfect liner will aid in you in your quest to get the sootiest, smokiest, most rockstar eyes E-V-E-R.

Basket Case in Insomniac Black is $19 and dropped on Friday, Jan. 5 via Sephora and the Kat Von D Beauty site. It can be layered and smudged with a brush, your finger, a Q-tip, or whatever else is at your disposal. You can also build the intensity as you wish. Scoop one or three up on the quick, because this baby could go fast.

In the behind-the-scenes video footage from the campaign, both KVD and BJA offer supreme insight into their collab.

Basket Case in Insomniac Black, $19, Kat Von Beauty

"I wanted to create an anti-precision eyeliner," Von D explains. "It's a big, fat retractable pencil that you can layer and smear and play around with it and not have it look perfect and immaculate."

Perfect is so boring anyway. Anyone can use this liner in whichever ways they wish.

"Personally, I've always loved it when guys wear eyeliner," Von D says without hesitation. "I think it's awesome and it looks great. Billie Joe has been the king of dudes wearing eyeliner for so long."

Armstrong, who admits he isn't a fan of the term "guyliner" even though it's wholly appropriate, talks about wearing eyeliner since he was 18 and how it was just a thing he did as a young punk rocker without much thought.

Von D also reveals that the eyeliner collab was his idea. They've long been friends with shared animal sympathies, and he texted her about doing a liner and donating a portion of proceeds to the ACLU. Von D was immediately all in.

The promo campaign, which finds the duo rocking inky, sooty eyes and handcuffed together, pays homage to a classic Sid and Nancy image. KVD loved the blown out, black smoky eye aesthetic worn by Nancy and wanted to replicate it, since the poster used to hang on her wall.

Von D's Trooper Tattoo Liner has met its perfect match with Basket Case. If you want to slay some seriously rock 'n roll eye makeup and trace your peepers with lots and lots of black, then this combo is pretty foolproof and totally complimentary.

Basket Case in Insomniac Black, $19, Kat Von Beauty

Rock chick eyes are fully achievable with this chubby pencil, which also has a built-in sharpener and is long-wear. If you know you have a late night ahead of you, you can swipe and smudge Basket Case all over your lids and proceed as planned and never have to worry about how your eye makeup looks. It won't budge and is meant to be gloriously messy.

Check out how KVD makes use of Basket Case. She creates a smoky halo on her upper lid. It's imperfect and that what makes it so rad.

Basket Case in Insomniac Black, $19, Kat Von Beauty

Watch this footage of the pair discussing their collabo. Smoky eyes will never, ever be the same thanks to KVD and BJA. And that undoubtedly rocks.