Kat Von D Just Reinvented Black Eyeliner & This One Won't Budge From Your Waterline

Kat Von D is extremely dedicated to advancing, updating, and pioneering the makeup bag staple that is black eyeliner. Von D took to Instagram to tease her latest innovation — and it's going to up your eyeliner game. The Kat Von D Lash Liner looks epic and inky AF. It will basically reinvent how you rim your eyes.

This waterline lash liner is another tool in the brand's black eyeliner arsenal. There's the flick-creating and "doesn't move" Trooper Tattoo Eyeliner. There's also the recently dropped Basket Case stick eyeliner created in partnership with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. That's essentially a sooty and sultry smoky eye stick that smudges like a dream.

Lash Liner is a black liner re-imagination that joins an already impressive lineup. It's a long-wear, liquid eyeliner designed specifically for the inner rim lash line.

Von D posted the prototype on her personal Instagram. The package looks like a dagger or a stiletto — take your pick — with its long, pointed, and weapon-like magic wand. It applies wet and then dries down to an opaque black that won't move, according to its creator.

Von D noted that she has been developing the formula for years, and it has finally come to fruition.

Lining the waterline is quite challenging since it's often so hard to maintain. You have to keep reapplying product to retain intensity. Product wears away due to the eyes being wet and/or wiped during the day. Even waterproof versions don't always stay put like they promise. KVDB Lash Liner aims to eradicate that problem.

The makeup mogul and tattoo artist posted a closeup of her own eye with a single coat of Lash Liner. Look at the definition! It is certainly black as night and really calls attention to the lower lashes. Check out the symmetry of her cat eye flick, her spiky eyelashes, and that perfectly enhanced lower lash line. Her sparkly, super dark, and 'scaped brows complete the coordinated look.

Kat Von D derives such pleasure from aiding her customers in achieving black eyeliner nirvana.

Kat Von D-evotees are a fiercely loyal bunch. They immediately reacted to the new product tease. They praised the pigmentation. They also celebrated that the fact that they have long needed and wanted this product and are now getting it.

Lash Liner is meeting a makeup need for black liner lovers. It's like a pair of black tights — for your eyes.

Fans also had questions. Someone wondered if Lash Liner can also be used to create the flick, which is certainly a viable inquiry. Others were curious if it can be smudged before setting since they prefer extra drama along the lower lash line.

See what just happened? KVD-evotees already invented hacks for Lash Liner, and they're making plans for how to use it.

When a product generates this much excitement and so many passionate reactions based on social media images, you know you've got a winner on your hands. But that's often the case with KVDB products. Fans are all in, sight unseen.

Kat Von D Beauty has earned this sort of devotion and trust since it constantly delivers edgy makeup that solves problems makeup lovers deal with. If you are hardcore about black liner — and really, who isn't? — Kat Von D is constantly updating its offerings to help you achieve the look you desire. Lash Liner could very well be an eyeliner Holy Grail.