Kate Beckinsale's 'Serendipity' Reenactment Will Have Fans Believing In Fate Again

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The serendipity of Serendipity has resulted in a hilarious new Instagram video. Star Kate Beckinsale shot a new version of Serendipity that doesn't quite have the happy ending fans might remember. But, Beckinsale's laugh out loud new twist on the 2001 original features a new leading man who steals the scene. And let's be honest, he might just give John Cusack a run for his money.

One might say Beckinsale's latest Instagram video was fated. While in Toronto, Canada promoting her new film, Farming, the actor realized that she was staying in the Fairmont Royal York, the same hotel where she filmed the most memorable scene from Serendipity. Yes, that elevator scene in what was supposed to be the Waldorf Astoria in New York City was actually shot in Canada. In the scene, Sara, played by Beckinsale, convinces Cusack's Jonathan to play a little game with her in which they both get in two different elevators and pick a floor. If they pick the same floor, it's meant to be, if not, they go on with their separate lives only to wonder what could have been. Chaos, naturally, ensues.

"I knew I recognized the elevators in this hotel I was staying in," Beckinsale wrote on Instagram, adding, "Alas I could not get my leading man to play ball this time." That was an understatement since her leading man, who this time around was a hotel employee, was so not interested in taking up Beckinsale on her offer. Clearly, he didn't have faith in destiny.

Beckinsale, though, had faith that she could remember her lines from this scene, which she filmed 17 years ago. "Get in, take a breath, and then when the door closes hit a button," she said

"I don't understand what you're saying," the man replied, echoing Cusacks's line and making it clear he didn't have time to be playing elevator games. Or maybe he knew that he could end up picking the right floor like Cusack did all those years ago and still not end up with the girl — fate can be funny that way.

"Stop bothering me," he shouts going off book. "I got to work. I'm going to call my manager." That last line gets a giggle and a new ending for the scene that is a whole lot funnier than the original. "Oh fine," Beckinsale says throwing up her hands. "Don't bother. F*ck it really, seriously, bollocks. I don't care."

Fans certainly still care about this movie, though. After watching her parody, fans couldn't help but tell her how much they loved the real Serendipity in the comments. "I have it on DVD and watch it every year!!!!" one fan wrote. Another let Beckinsale know, "My husband and I love Serendipity!!! One of our faves!"

Beckinsale's co-star in this video also got a few thumbs-up for his new take on Jonathan. "He is a natural," someone wrote, "I see a cameo role in your next movie!" As for whether said cameo could be in a hypotentical Serendipity 2, that doesn't seem likely. While a sequel isn't on the horizon, Beckinsale told Bustle on the movie's 15-year anniversary that Serendipity is one of her favorite rom-coms. “There’s something very sweet and innocent about that relationship in that movie,” she says. “I love that it’s all chance and fate.”

Beckinsale's idea to take a chance on recreating this scene definitely worked out in her favor. And, even though she doesn't get the guy this time, Beckinsale's Serendipity reenactment will definitely give fans the giggles. And just like the original, it's worth watching again and again.