Kate Hudson Found Her Unexpected Celebrity Look-A-Like & The Resemblance Is Uncanny

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Typically when celebrity look-a-likes surface, it's because fans discover doppelgänger on Instagram. But the latest celeb twins were sitting under our noses the entire time. According to her Instagram post, Kate Hudson found her celebrity doppelgänger and you won't believe who it is — Leonardo DiCaprio. Their hairstyles are almost identical, and she's asking fans to weigh in on who's rocking it best.

Hudson traded her long blonde lock for a shaved head back in July 2016 for a movie that she's shooting with Sia. As soon as the star posted a photo of herself, people were dying to know if it was real. Well, it is — and three months later it's starting to grow out to a very familiar look.

Hudson posted a photo of DiCaprio in the '90s right next to herself present day. And they have the exact same haircut. The short, spike-y look is proof that all hairstyles will eventually come back again. Whether it's for better or for worse is up to you. Either way, the resemblance is absolutely uncanny.

The actress posted the photo with the title, "Who wore it better? #Hairspiration" and then tagged the actor. So far DiCaprio has yet to comment on the photo on social media.

It's that's not the definition of #twinning, then I don't know what is. Everything from the color to the spiked tips are eerily similar. It's unclear whether or not Hudson used this photo as inspiration or if it the matching hairstyles were on accident. Either way, this resemblance is just too good.

Although there's a good chance that Hudson was poking fun at herself when she posted the photo, fans have been weighing in on who-wore-it-better question that she posted along with it. As of Dec. 8, it looks like it's a tie between the two. Some people are saying that their heart will go on for DiCaprio forever, while others say that they love the modern cut.

The '90s have been alive in the fashion world. Everything from chokers to plaid skirts have made a comeback in 2017. Now it looks like the hairstyles have, too.

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This isn't the first time that Hudson has poked fun at her hairstyle. In November, she told Ellen DeGeneres that she was in the the "awkward phase" of her shaved out hair and joked that she was eager to try out the mullet. It's clear to see that she's willing to experiment with her look a little bit.

Up until this post, she has worn it slicked back or to the side. She also posts throwback photos of her long blonde locks and has her old hairstyle for the book she just released. Hair transitions can be stressful for people, so it's nice to see that she embracing all sorts of looks through every step of the growth process.

Hudson has also said that she doesn't care what her boyfriend thinks about her buzzcut. According to Hello Giggles, when DeGeneres asked her if Hudson's boyfriend likes her shaved hair, she responded with “Really? I mean, I hope our relationship can transcend hair.”

DiCaprio isn't the only hair twin Hudson has. She posted a photo of herself next to her son and the two look identical.

Regardless of what anyone else think, it's clear to see that Hudson feels confident with the look and doesn't mind poking a little fun at herself. Because at the end of the day, it's only hair.