Kate Middleton's Jewelry Pays Tribute To Princess Diana In The Cutest Way

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Being Kate Middleton comes with many, many perks: living in Kensington Palace, having an enviable wardrobe, and of course, being a Duchess and having all of the fun opportunities that come with it. Another perk? Great jewelry, like Kate Middleton's tribute necklace to Princess Diana. When you hear the significance behind it, you'll be beyond touched.

Gifted to Kate by her sister Pippa, this necklace first came into Kate's life during the birth of her son, George in 2013. Pippa presented Kate with a Merci Maman necklace with a sweet meaning behind it. The necklace is made up of a golden flat disc with "George Alexander Louis" engraved on it, a gold heart engraved with "W" (for William), and another little charm shaped like a young boy.

As if that wasn't thoughtful and creative enough, it has a backstory that'll hit you in the feels. Princess Diana actually has a very similar necklace, gifted to her by Prince Charles. Princess Diana's version also has a little gold circle with the word "William" engraved on it.

Simple, understated, and always in style, these beautiful necklaces are the perfect way to keep your family close to your heart.

Merci Maman

The Duchess Necklace, $129,

Luckily for all of us, you can purchase your very own and personalize it with your own engravings. While you may not be able to wear most of Middleton's amazing ensembles, like her many elegant shift dresses, you can get this necklace all for yourself.

Above, you can see Princess Diana's version. With one disc and a simple choker-style necklace, it's a piece that would be just as trendy today as it was back then. Middleton's version is a bit more intricate with extra charms and engravings, but the idea is generally the same.

Though it's a small tribute, it's one that will connect them forever. Pippa Middleton pretty much wins the best sister and best gift-giver award. And, as time goes on, she can probably add more charms to the necklace if it becomes a tradition with each child that they may have.

This timeless necklace will never go out of style or out of our feels. If the Duchess' style teaches us anything, it's that simplicity, elegance, and grace never miss the mark. Luckily, this necklace hits all three.