Kate Middleton Put Her Brownie Skills To Good Use During An Adventurous Trip To Scout HQ

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Kate Middleton can really do it all. She's a fashionable royal, a mom-of-three, and, if you didn't know it already, a Scout extraordinaire to boot. As People recently noted, Kate Middleton visited Scout headquarters on March 28 and, as a former Brownie Scout herself, put her skills to use in a majorly fun way.

The Duchess of Cambridge's latest engagement took her to the Scouts' headquarters on the outskirts of London. During her visit, Middleton didn't just tour the location and speak to those involved in the community, but she actually got into some of the outdoorsy activities with the Beavers (aka the youngest Scouts).

Some of the youngsters had built their very own den against a tree and were in the midst of testing whether it was waterproof or not. Since the duchess happened to be in the vicinity during their experiment, she decided to join in on the fun by climbing into the den, as well. “Three trials were dry, one was wet! We are very proud that it was three quarters there," Frankii Newbury, the early year’s pilot project leader, described the serendipitous moment, per People: She continued:

“[Kate] got straight in there with one of our Beavers and checked it out. It was wonderful and the Scouts absolutely loved her. The highlight was the Duchess, smack bang in the middle of it all, getting in a den — braver woman than I am.”

While the den wasn't completely immune to the elements, it still seems like Middleton had a ton of fun getting back to her Scout roots.

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Middleton has been a patron of the Scout Association since 2012. According to The Telegraph, a royal spokesperson related that the duchess wanted to be a patron of the organization for a couple of reasons, with one being that she has a great love of outdoor activities. "The Scouts came about because of her love of the outdoors and because she wants to work with young people," they said.

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Not only did the Duchess of Cambridge become a patron of the Scout Association, she got involved in the organization in another big way by becoming a hands-on volunteer. The spokesperson continued:

“She approached them and said she wanted to be involved. They take children from all backgrounds into the great outdoors. They came up with the idea she should be a volunteer.”
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As previously mentioned, Middleton became a Brownie Scout when she was 8 years old, per Marie Claire. Her sister, Pippa, became a Scout around the same time, as well, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl who wrote about the duchess' life in Kate: The Future Queen. Nicholl reported that Middleton was determined to get as many badges as possible and was really into her role as a Brownie.

The Duchess of Cambridge is apparently eager to get her children involved in the Scout fun, too. During her trip to the Scout Association, Middleton told some of the young leaders of the community that she wants her kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis to become Scouts for an amazing reason. “She said she would like them to go into the scouting community because she loves what it stands for — that it’s a very open and inclusive way into life,” 14-year-old Lauren Noble explained, per People.

Given her lengthy involvement in the organization, it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that Middleton wants her children to follow in her outdoorsy footsteps.

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Middleton clearly has a knack for the Scout lifestyle, as her recent fun-filled day with the Beaver Scouts showcased. Since she's such a natural Scout, maybe she should add another leadership role to her resume sometime in the future? "Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Scout troop leader" does have a nice ring to it.