Kate Spade Just Launched A Minnie Mouse Collection & It's A Disney Lover's Dream

by Kali Borovic

There are some things that people never grow out of, and a love for Disney swag is one of them. But that doesn't mean grown Disney lovers stick to the same style they had when they were young. And Kate Spade is here to make their most magical wishes come true. The new Kate Spade's Minnie Mouse Collection was created for grown-up Disney lovers, and it's the perfect mix of quirky and completely sophisticated.

Tons of different brands try to nail the Minnie Mouse character, but not everyone can do it right. There's been denim collabs and over-the-top shoe styles just in the past year alone. Kate Spade's collection, however, is unlike any other. The company is keeping their sleek, minimalist approach to accessories, and merely adding a Disney spin.

The bags are adorable enough to make even a non-Disney fan want to carry them around. There are Minnie Mouse ear-shaped coin purses, oversized clutches with bows, and even red, white, and black card cases. But the fun doesn't stop at purses. There are tons of accessories in the collection, too. Think minimalist bangles, adorable studded earrings, and even iPhone cases to show your love for the character.

Every single one of the 21-piece collection is available on the Kate Spade website right now. That includes four online exclusive items as well. The items range from $38 for stick-on phone pockets to $328 for totes, so you can shop for anyone on your list. Here's a look at some of the best pieces in the collection, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Minnie Ear Keychain

Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Keychain, $58, Kate Spade

Simple and sweet have never been more fashionable. This keychain has all the intricate details a Disney lover needs while still being completely minimal at the same time.

2. Card Case

Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Card Case, $58, Kate Spade

If you're not willing to wear your love for Minnie Mouse on your tote, this is the item for you. You can still have your love for the character represented with this subtle card case.

3. Tote Bag

Minnie Mouse Francis, $248, Kate Spade

This tote is exactly what people mean when they say collaboration. The bag has the sleek, classic Kate Spade look but with the simple addition of an iconic silhouette.

4. Pop Of Color Bag

Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Francis, $198, Kate Spade

If you're looking to stand out, this is the piece for you. It's almost impossible not to notice the adorable Minnie sketch on this off-white bag.

5. Bow Backpack

Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Neema, $328, Kate Spade

Can't you picture yourself walking through Disney with this adorable backpack? There's no better gift than one of fun and function.

6. Minnie Mouse Ring

Kate Spade New York Minnie Mouse Ring, $58, Kate Spade

Honestly, it doesn't get more adorable than this. It's the perfect way to fit your love for Minnie into any outfit you wear.

7. Ear-Shaped Handbag

Minnie Mouse Minnie Maise, $258, Kate Spade

Whether you're carrying this bag on your shoulder or across your body, your love for Minnie will be apparent. The bright red bow is the perfect pop of color on this sleek bag.

8. Bright White Character Bag

Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Sima, $178, Kate Spade

Simple, sweet, and oh so Minnie Mouse. If the tote is too much for you, this is the perfect all-white design instead.

9. Dainty Bangle

Kate Spade For New York Minnie Mouse Bangle, $98, Kate Spade

Because if you're going to get the ring, you might as well get the bangle that goes with it.

There are tons of other quirky accessories on the Kate Spade website, if you need more Disney inspiration. Good luck choosing just one!