The First Look At KL Polish Spring Line Is Here

by Kali Borovic

Stop what you're doing, because the first look at the KL Polish Spring Collection is here. Well, sort of. Kathleen Fuentes, aka KathleenLights, finally shared a sneak peek of her upcoming polishes on social media. You can't see the shades, but the names alone are enough to get fans excited. As of right now there isn't a launch date or details yet, but, if fan reactions have anything to say for it, this is definitely the start of yet another gorgeous collection.

Just like the first round of nail lacquers, Fuentes teased her fans with a black and white photo and asked them to guess what the shades are. It didn't take long for them to figure out that the name references were from different shows and books that Fuentes loves. If fans love the colors of the polish as much as the shade names, then this is going to be one heck of a collection.

According to the black and white Instagram photo, there's Coconut Milk, Pistachio Ice Cream, St. Claire, Hug & Roll, That's What She Said, and Miss Honey. Some of the names are a good indication of the shades, like mint green and creamy white, while others are harder to figure out, like Hug & Roll and That's What She Said.

Eek! The fact that the black and white photo is here, plus the caption hints, is a good sign that this collection is coming soon. How soon? No one knows, but fans are having a great time guessing the shades. Here's everything they've figured out so far.

Fuentes confirmed on Twitter that the guess was correct.

Definitely a possibility.

It has to be!

The color of That's What She Said might still be a secret, but fans know exactly where the name is from.

If you're a Fuentes fan, you know that "Anna And The French Kiss" is her favorite book. The color is still under wraps, but that's where the name for St. Clair comes from.

Hug & Roll is a Friends quote. There's no word on the shade yet though.

No matter what they are, people are excited.

My exact reaction.

This pretty much sums up what everyone is thinking.

Needless to say, more information on the line would definitely be appreciated.