This Week’s 'Celebrity Big Brother’ Exit Has An Unexpected Upside

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The tomato has hit the fan on Celebrity Big Brother, as Kato Kaelin was evicted from the house on the Monday, Feb. 4 episode. The actor was ousted in a unanimous vote of 5-0, and although he kept things positive in his exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves, it was clear he was disappointed. Both he and comedian Tom Green were nominated for eviction, so no matter the outcome, the two friends were going to be broken up for the remainder of the competition. But while some fans were sad to see him go, Kato's Celebrity Big Brother elimination has an unexpected upside: Women are now running the show.

On Monday's episode, singer and reality star Tamar Braxton became the next HoH, consequently putting her two biggest threats on the block: Kato and Tom. And although each man was equally convinced that he was going home — both giving genial speeches about how much fun they'd had in the house — it was obvious who the remaining houseguests wanted out as soon as they began casting their votes. Plus, despite Kato's eloquent last-hurrah speech, many CBB fans pointed out on Twitter that he was loathe to give some people goodbye hugs on his way out the door.

However, Kato got into hot water last episode when he engaged in a shouting match with Olympian Lolo Jones. The two had been in an alliance called the Fun Five — alongside Tom, Natalie Eva Marie, and Ricky Williams — which splintered apart on Saturday night's episode. The fight made both parties look bad, and many Big Brother fans were nonplussed that Lolo won the power of veto Monday night. Furthermore, the track star chose not to use the power of veto, which was both members of Tomato's last chance to get off the chopping block (or maybe cutting board is a more apt metaphor)?

Kato ultimately got the short end of the stick, but the houseguest told Julie during his exit interview that he and Tom will be friends for life. And when the CBB host told him about their celebrity nickname, Tomato, he was thoroughly tickled (get it: Tom + Kato?).

Some Tomato fans were sad to see Kato leave, others were celebrating his eviction online, but regardless of how you felt about it, there is one upside. Viewers were quick to note that the remaining houseguests are now comprised of five women and just two men (Tom and Ricky). And not just that: It's also an incredibly diverse group. As one fan tweeted, nearly half of the remaining contestants are black, which is encouraging. What's more, the ladies clearly have the upper-hand right now in the competition, so the men should watch their backs.

After Monday night's episode, the clear frontrunner from the seven final houseguests is Tamar. In addition to winning HoH, she was already the star of the show, and Big Brother fans are here for the reign of queen Braxton.

So while it's still anyone's game and either Tom or Ricky could end up winning the competition, things are looking up for the women in the household. In fact, CBS may have to change the name of their show to Big Sister.