Twitter Loves Katy Perry's 'Beetlejuice' Outfit On 'SNL'

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the past few weeks, Katy Perry has debuted a whole new look and a brand-new single called "Swish Swish." The pop singer performed the tune on the May 20 episode of Saturday Night Live as the musical guest while dressed in an open black-and-white striped jacket. Immediate, Twitter thought Katy Perry was dressed like Beetlejuice on SNL. There definitely was a resemblance between Perry's new look and the '80s star of the Tim Burton film Beetlejuice, but it may have just been a coincidence. Even so, Twitter both loved it and were a little spooked that she might appear if they said her name three times.

Perry sang "Swish Swish" as her first song of the night as a runway of unique models strutted their stuff to the beat of the tune. The pop singer even dished out some actual receipts when she sang the lyric, "...karma's not a liar/She keeps receipts." And even with the speculation that the song is about alleged Perry rival Taylor Swift, Twitter users looked past that and focused on Perry's strong resemblance to Beetlejuice. In the 1988 modern classic film, Michael Keaton played the iconic character who appears when you say his name three times and also appeared in a cartoon series throughout the '90s.

And some Twitter users thought saying "Katy Perry" would now have the same effect.

Another user thought it could be the first clue in a new internet conspiracy.

This Twitter user saw another resemblance in the mix as well.

And one Twitter user thought it was the ultimate crossover performance of pop culture worlds colliding.

Though it wasn't a clear and definite homage to the '80s character, it seemed like Twitter users both loved and were amused by the throwback look.