Kate Spade Created Bridal Sneakers That Will Convince You To Lose The Heels For Your Big Day

When it comes to bridal style, everyone immediately thinks about the gown. But what about your footwear? While glittering heels are basically the expectation, they certianly don't have to be anymore. Keds x Kate Spade wedding shoes are here, and they're the comfy bridal shoes of your dreams. With pearls, rhinestones, and glitter, they're all the glam of a high heel with all the comfort of a sneaker. Basically, they're perfect.

According to Real Simple, Keds teamed up with Kate Spade to create sneakers specifically for a wedding day. While brides have long been wearing embellished Toms or Chuck Taylors, these shoes are a bit different in their design. They were created specifically to embody the style of a traditional wedding, and for brides who like bling and feminine designs, they're kind of ideal.

For brides who choose heels, go for it. You'll look stunning in them, but think about this. If you're rocking killer pumps, what about dancing at your reception? These Keds x Kate Spade wedding designs don't have to be for all day wear. You can just rock them at the reception, and the best news is that they probably won't break your bridal style budget either.


The pair announced the collaboration on Jan. 30, and the shoes are here already, just in time for wedding season. If you're going dress shopping, you may want to pick a pair of these beauties up before you head to your tailor.

As for the price tags, they range from $80 to $120. While that may seem steep for a pair of Keds, these are definitely not your average tennis shoe. From jewel incrusted tops to glitter coated everything and platform insoles for a little bit of height, the collaboration between the iconically feminine Kate Spade brand and the classic sneaker is nothing to sleep on.

Of course, this isn't Kate Spade's first collaboration with the sneaker brand. They've made adorable footwear before. If you love either brand, you've probably seen their slip on, cheetah print footwear or their solid gold glitter lace-up sneakers.

Now, they've taken those styles and stepped them up to get your wedding ready. Whether you want to wear the Keds x Kate Spade bridal sneakers all day, or you just want to change into them once it's time to hit the dance floor, they're basically perfect for any part of your big day.

What do the new collaborative styles look like?

Pearls For Days

Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Pearls, $120, Keds

How cute are these pearl covered sneakers? They've got just a bit of a heel if you want some extra height, and hello! Those pearls are such classic wedding accessories.

Glitter Goals

Keds x Kate Spade New York Triple Glitter, $90, Keds

If you love sparkle, these shoes are right up your alley. While the style has been a staple between the two brands and aren't necessarily brand new, they're still an exciting wedding shoe.

Sparkling Crystals

Keds x Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Crystals, $120, Keds

Oh hello, next level shine. These crystals are the perfect way to add some serious bling to your shoe without blinding all of your guests.

Floral Designs

Keds x Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Flowers, $120, Keds

If you love feminine florals, these wedding sneakers are to die for. With a bit of sparkle in the center of the flowers, they give you the best of all bridal worlds.

Slip On Glitter

Keds x Kate Spade Triple Decker Glitter, $90, Keds

Glitter everything in an easy slip-on? Yes, please! No one wants to lace up shoes in a wedding gown, after all.

If you love the new Kate Spade x Keds wedding collection, head over to the Keds site now and snag a pair. These are actually just a few of the offerings that the two brands have, so the sky is the limit when it comes to your wedding footwear.