Kelly Clarkson Wore A TON Of Different Outfits To Host The Billboard Music Awards

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When it comes to music superstars, Kelly Clarkson is about as famous as you can get. Even though she got her start on American Idol all those years ago, Clarkson is now a star in her own right. She's a judge on The Voice, too. Given all of this, it makes sense that Kelly Clarkson is hosting the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. And like any big hosting gig, with the responsibility of hosting comes a lot of wardrobe changes. While Clarkson isn't necessarily known for her fashion choices, she does have a totally unique sense of style, so it makes sense that she wore a variety of patterns, colors, and styles during the 2018 BBMAs.

This isn't Clarkson's first Billboard Music Awards, though. The pop superstar has attended the event multiple times as both a nominee and performer in the past. In an interview about her hosting gig for the Billboard Music Awards, Clarkson said she was nervous about the event, but that she made a promise to herself to "start saying yes more" to things she would usually say no to. While Clarkson has attended the BBMAs in the past, like in 2015 when she performed "Invincible" in a navy blue dress, this is the first time she'll be wearing more than one or at most two (one for red carpet, one for performance) looks throughout the evening.

To kick off the awards show, Clarkson wore a black, floor-length dress designed by Christian Siriano on the red carpet. The gown included an embellished collar that was certainly a dramatic choice. Overall, though, the look was super glam.

Red Carpet Dress

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Absolutely beautiful! And do you see those shoes? Stuning. Plus, this was only the beginning of Clarkson's looks for the evening. There were many, many other outfits to come — but every single look went together. It was a very fashionable night for Clarkson indeed.

Opening Dress

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For her second dress, Clarkson wore a long-sleeved sequined and sparkly gown with a black leather belt. She also opted to change up her hair with super long extensions.

Bedazzled Suit

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Next up, Clarkson wore a two-piece suit with a bedazzled bustier underneath. The suit had fringe coming down the shoulders and giant gold buttons, adding to the drama of the look.

Leather Jacket & Skirt Look

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Next up was a stylish leather jacket and pencil skirt for Clarkson, which she paired with an updo when it came to her hair. This look was super modern but also had a bit of a glam, retro feel, adding something different to Clarkson's roster of outfits.

Gold Sequined Suit

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The two-piece outfits continued for Clarkson with a double-breasted blazer covered in gold sequins and matching gold sequin-covered pants. All of the looks seemed to complement one another while still remaining completely unique.

Performance Dress

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Clarkson also performed her own song while wearing a gold fringe-covered mini dress that she looked totally confident in.

Outfit To Introduce BTS

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To introduce the boy band BTS, Clarkson wore another black and white outfit and a pair of bright pink earmuffs — a joke about just how loud BTS' fans were leading up to the performance.

It's clear to see how much Clarkson's style has evolved if you look back at some of her post Billboard Music Awards Looks — outfits that go back all the way to 2003, in fact.

2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Here's that navy, sparkly dress from 2015.

2003 Billboard Music Awards

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Clarkson has also attending the Billboard Music Awards as far back as 2003, where she wore this black, ruched dress.