Kellyanne Conway's "Conclusion" Or "Collusion" Sign Inspired Ingenious Memes

'Hannity'/Fox News

It's a truth universally acknowledged that holding up pieces of paper (or just about any blank, easily-manipulated surface) on the internet is just asking to be messed with. And, unfortunately for her, Kellyanne Conway sure does love the props. So, when she decided to employ that kind of meme-friendly signage during an appearance on Hannity, Conway gave the Internet a gift that kept on giving.

She stopped by the show to once again refute allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election — allegations that were exacerbated by the development of emails Donald Trump Jr. released earlier in the week. And this time, Conway was ready to LVL-up beyond her typical verbal gymnastics. When words failed, she took viewers on a weird, rhyming, Sesame Street-esque journey.

Holding up a paper that read "Conclusion?" on top and "Collusion" (exed out) at the bottom, she began:

What's the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don’t have that yet.

She then held up another paper that read "Illusion" at the top and "Delusion" at the bottom.

I see illusion and delusion! Collusion? No. Illusion and delusion? Yes.

Luckily, this display came at just the right time for Twitter. Whether it was evoking the romantic, if not creepy as heck, sign scene in Love Actually or trying their hand at a few other culturally on-point jabs, to me, these responses were perfect.

Sequels Are Never As Good

Dana Schwartz on Twitter

Sorry not sorry.

You're Not Andrew Lincoln & You Never Will Be

Iva Dixit on Twitter


I Came Here To Make Memes & Chew Bubblegum...

Matt Bush on Twitter

...and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Every Day Brings Us Closer

Kelly Speller on Twitter


Never Let This One Die

Francis Materi on Twitter


Testing Out Some Career Options?

Maggie Serota 🚽 on Twitter

I mean, she's no Carrot Top.

What You Get For Being From The OuterNet

Amanda Mull on Twitter


This Opportunity Only Comes Once In A Lifetime

Desi on Twitter

Isn't This Supposed To Be Spicey's Schtick?

Maxime Bourdeau on Twitter

Conway should get some dollies too.

It All Makes Sense Now...

Scott McLean on Twitter

Now I'm hungry.


Militia Etheridge on Twitter

Jacques Bailly, where you at?

You Can Play Too!

shauna on Twitter

Go forth and conquer.

While Conway was quick to tweet out that critics of her props were "humorless," it seems like Twitter found plenty to laugh about.