Ken Cuccinelli Telling Symone Sanders To "Shut Up" On Live TV Is Absolutely Jarring

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Monday morning on CNN, New Day host Chris Cuomo tried his best to defuse a heated argument that took a turn when former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli told political commentator Symone Sanders to "shut up." The duo were at odds from the beginning of the segment, which was meant to discuss Donald Trump's response (or lack thereof) to the horrific act of terrorism displayed by the white supremacists at the Unite the Right rally. Cuccinelli felt that the president would likely make a more in-depth statement in the coming week, while Sanders felt that it was the president's duty to take action immediately, and the two butted heads with their opinions — to say the least.

But Sanders' point was not so much that the president needed to say something, as much as it was that the president needed to do something. Her point was that the horrific events that took place over the weekend were a result of a greater issue the nation has, stating that the incident was "an egregious symptom" of a larger national problem. It was a notion that she also wanted Cuccinelli to accept as well, encouraging him to speak "to the heart" of the issue. But Cuccinelli shook his head.

His mannerisms suggested that he was disagreeing with her suggestion to look farther into the heart of the issue, dismissing it even. As he began to speak, in what seemed to be the start of a counter-argument about how the protest to stop the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue was merely an "excuse" for those "people" to get together, Sanders briefly spoke up, reminding him that someone died in that protest and not to belittle its intentions — to which he replied, "Can I finish, Symone? Can you just shut up for a moment?” Yes, Cuccinelli told woman on live television to shut up while she condemned white supremacists in America.

Thankfully, Sanders fought back.

Sanders, what a badass.

Like Chris Cuomo says at the end of this segment, there are two ways to deal with hatred: one is to condemn it, and the other is to counter it. Nothing else.