Um, We NEED To Talk About This Shocking Moment From Kendall's 'Bachelor' Hometown


Somehow, everybody blinked and The Bachelor has already progressed to the point of hometown dates, and the first one that happened might also be the best one. And on Monday night's episode, Kendall's Bachelor hometown date gave fans a lot to unpack. Not only did she show Arie her taxidermy collection when he came to visit her at home wand meet her family, but she also revealed that she has a twin sister named Kylie — yes, that makes them Kendall and Kylie.

First things first: It's incredibly important to note that Kendall was not exaggerating about this taxidermy hobby of hers. When Arie arrived, she showed him no less than two full rooms of all kinds of animals in a postmortem state. We're talking taxidermy everywhere — on the walls, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, anywhere it was possible for a dead animal to be, there they were. It was kind of mind blowing. And although Arie was kind of freaked out by the whole thing, he seemed to kind of like that interesting, unique side of her personality.

That's not even as weird as it got, though. She also taught Arie how to stuff an animal, and they made rats together (is that even the proper phrasing?). But somehow, people are still freaking out about Kylie's name, despite the fact that there were actual dead animals starring in this episode. Like, Kendall and Arie made dead rats kiss each other. Come on.

OK, yeah, this is weird. It's kind of a wild coincidence that Kendall's twin sister would be named Kylie, and also anything that could possibly tie the Kardashians to The Bachelor is kind of awesome. Remember what a huge fan Kris Jenner is of the show? There's a really good chance she's watching this on an expensive couch somewhere, draped in velvet, lapping it up.

But it's hard to think about anything else when we all just witnessed Arie and Kendall sit down at a table and stuff two dead mice before sticking them into a small diorama of Paris. Everyone else just saw that, right? So why are they so obsessed with Kendall and Kylie's names?

Fortunately, there are fans on Twitter who are freaking out about that moment on the show... and the opinions are strong on this topic.

For a lot of people, Dinner For Schmucks was the first thing to come to mind while watching this, because honestly... why wouldn't it have been?

And other people were far too disgusted by the whole thing to have any other emotion about it. On one hand, it's easy to see why people might be grossed out. On the other hand, how can you be grossed out by something that brings someone so much happiness?

These people are seriously missing out, though, because the taxidermy scene was, by and large, one of the best this season of The Bachelor has given us. Fortunately, some people truly appreciated it for what it was: a truly ridiculous moment in reality television.

Sorry, Tia, Becca, and Lauren, but unless you're bringing stuffing and animals, there is no chance your hometown date will measure up to this one. In all seriousness, though, it seemed to go pretty well — and Arie's no worse for wear having learned a few things about taxidermy.

Arie's got a tough decision on his hands, and hopefully, it doesn't include sending Kendall home just yet. After seeing her in action with her furry friends and her family, it's hard not to be curious about what else she might have up her sleeve.