5 Surprising Outfit Formulas To Refresh Your Fall Style

When you think 'fall style,' what immediately comes to mind? I'm guessing a swirling combination of pom-pom beanies, cuddly coats, and tightly laced boots. There's nothing wrong with relying on classic fall staples, but if you ask Kendall Kremer of Styled Snapshots what she wears for fall, there's room for so much more. In partnership with Marshalls, Kremer went shopping and added a few new outfit formulas to her style playbook this season — starting with what she loves most about fall: layering.

"Pairing unexpected textures together — like a leather jacket with a cozy fleece or a sweater over a dress — is my favorite thing to do this time of year," says Kremer. "In the summer, you can generally find me in a dress or shorts, and [I'm] bundled up in the winter, so I really try to take advantage of fall and the fun you can have with layers and lots of accessories."

Whether she's on her way to an all-day apple-picking hunt or a pumpkin patch adventure, Kremer relies on variations of her signature street-style look — usually with an on-trend twist. When introducing these new looks and style formulas into your own wardrobe, turn to your favorite designers and brands. And shop at a store that has great deals, so you don't have to be afraid of going all-out with sampling trends you've never worn. "Often," Kremer says, "you will be surprised with what you end up liking and can always style it to make it your own."

1. Pink Trench + Dress = Date Night Vibes

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If you live somewhere with yo-yoing temps, find a piece that works as well in the shade as it does in the sun, like this pink coat. "I love that this trench works perfectly as a coat but is also light enough to wear throughout the day if the weather warms up, which often happens in the city," Kremer says. The color keeps it unexpected for fall, too, she adds, when most people hesitate to wear lighter shades.

2. Over-The-Knee Boots + Layers = Girl On The Go

Shop Kendall's outfit formula at Marshalls.

"Small details make all the difference!" Kremer says, pointing out the fringe on this denim dress's hemline. By throwing a sweater on top instead of a jacket or coat, you can add a new twist to your usual fall look, she says. "This is a good example of how you can use layers to take a more summery dress and transition it seamlessly into the next season."

3. Cozy Knit + Leopard Booties = Brunch With Friends

Shop Kendall's outfit formula at Marshalls.

"It’s easy to find a traditional plain sweater, but it’s so much more fun to try a new take on something and make it a little more unexpected," she says of this cut-out sweater. Having fun with prints is another way to shake up your style, like Kremer did with leopard print booties.

4. Tailored Coat + Structured Dress = Work Chic

Shop Kendall's outfit formula at Marshalls.

Kremer hits home with the details again here, opting for crisp silhouettes, clean neutrals, and deep berry tones to create a truly polished outfit. Look closer, though, and you'll see the subtle edge she gives the look with the patterned scarf. "By adding a bit of camo print with the scarf, you can take this workday-chic look out for a night on the town," Kremer says.

5. Mock Neck Knit + White Button Down = Weekend-Ready

Shop Kendall's outfit formula at Marshalls.

On weekends, Kremer usually opts for a sporty-chic vibe. "The mock neck detail on this knit adds a fun touch to your overall look, while also keeping things relaxed and fun," she says. "By pairing a striped button-down shirt underneath, it adds the perfect amount of texture and a little something unexpected." The stylish pieces nail the layered look, while still remaining comfortable and lightweight.

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Images: Courtesy of Kendall Kremer (6)