Kenya & Phaedra Clash Over Divorce On 'RHOA'

by Kayla Hawkins
Mark Hill/Bravo

This late in the season, who knew that The Real Housewives of Atlanta was going to squeeze in one more feud. Like a horror movie monster jumping out seconds before the credits, once again, Kenya Moore's RHOA divorce party reignited the Phaedra and Kenya feud. And just hours after they both jokingly compared themselves to Serena Williams, no less. Seeing these two fight again is a throwback to an earlier time, back when Apollo was still a free man, and one who was frequently texting Kenya, either with or without her participation, depending on which one of them you believed.

While Phaedra claimed years ago that she was done blaming Kenya for the end of her marriage, it was the first thing that she went to when she got upset over Kenya throwing a divorce themed soiree on the last night of the RHOA cast trip to Hawaii, in a passive-aggressive text sent through Porsha, who seemed totally oblivious to why her friend and partner in crime was actually mad. Even after the text, Porsha seemed to still think that Phaedra might actually still be sick, not just angry that Kenya managed to blindside her. The Shade Queen does not respond well to surprises.

Phaedra claimed she was so upset because Kenya was insulting the "institution of marriage." Look, the divorce party concept was clearly a misfire, especially as a surprise. First of all, neither woman was divorced at this point, and the way Cynthia's face fell when she walked in the room tells you everything you need to know about how she was feeling. I mean, she spent the whole trip hanging out and having having fun with Peter, I don't think she was going to be thrilled about it. She couldn't even roast him. And as she told Solange (!) on Twitter, they're still close.

And while Phaedra isn't nearly as close to Apollo, she wasn't happy either. Who knows how this will play out — it could propel the two into throwing barbs at one another in the reunion, or be resolved after another hugging and praying session — but it looks like even as it rolls through its fifth month on the air, this season of RHOA still has some air left.