Kesha's Message About Making Music Is Inspiring

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kesha's ongoing legal battle, regarding her recording contract with Sony and Dr. Luke, has been well-documented. The artist has seemingly been trapped in a personal and professional hell for the past two years, during which a judge ruled that Kesha won't be freed from her contract with producer Dr. Luke, despite having made allegations of sexual abuse against him. (Dr. Luke adamantly and repeatedly denied these claims. In August, Kesha filed to drop her sexual assault lawsuit.) Choosing to move on and record new music in spite of her situation, Kesha has shown how important it is to stand up for yourself, even when your livelihood is at stake. And Kesha's recent inspirational Instagram post proves she won't stop making music that matters.

In a photo posted to her account early Tuesday, Kesha stares into the camera with conviction. Her accompanying message is so important because the musician discusses at length the value of art, and how important it is to never stop expressing yourself. Kesha wrote,

"anyone who makes art, you win. all art is good, even if it's not, because it's vulnerable self expression, and that's a WIN in my book."

Her message is one of strength and self-belief, and a call to arms for all writers, musicians, artists, and performers. Kesha's message is clear: Even in the face of adversity, continue to show the world who you are, using the talents that you have.

Every artist questions themselves at some point during their artistic process. It's easy to lose hope when it comes to making art of any kind with reasons ranging from career insecurity, to comparisons to peers, to the desire to retain artistic integrity. Kesha's message about making music is so inspirational because, as a musician, her art has been challenged more than most. She knows how difficult it is to try and follow your dream when you're placed in a seemingly impossible working environment. Kesha also knows that giving up is not an option. Her Instagram post continued,

"even if it's sh*t and you don't feel like you know what the f*ck you're doing, try. whatever medium pulls at your spirit- try it;) u never know what the outcome will be unless you try "

Kesha's message is particularly important in light of her legal troubles, as it proves that her artistic spirit hasn't been hindered. She's ready to experiment with new sounds and collaborations, and to get her music back out into the world again. Kesha's prepared for any new challenge that comes her way, and that's exciting for fans to hear.

She ends the post by writing, "motivational speech music/ rocky theme song playing in background," making it clear that Kesha's sense of humor is intact, which is one of the reasons fans can't wait for the singer to relaunch her music career.