Kevin From 'Below Deck' Posts Nothing But Food Porn On Instagram

Chef Kevin Dobson in the Valor kitchen on Below Deck
Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

The Valor has a new chef on board: Below Deck's Kevin Dobson. But while he may be new to the Valor and the show, he's super experienced with food and even cooking aboard a yacht. And if you like food porn, Kevin Dobson's Instagram is for you. It's overflowing with gourmet content.

According to Kevin's Bravo bio, he started his career in food when he was just 12 years old. He started working at a local bakery and later went to culinary school at 14. Cheatsheet reported that, from there, he took his skills on the high seas. By age 24 he was cooking on yachts as big as 450 feet. Still, he told Cheatsheet that he never experienced pressure like he did on Below Deck, where his every move was filmed to later be scrutinized by an audience at home. "The pressure to perform was something I had never experienced before, every move of mine was being watched," he said. "I mean if you burn something everybody is going to know about it, which I kind of liked, as it keeps you on your toes."

Only a true master of the kitchen would like the added pressure of a film crew. And since not everything he does on the show makes it to air, he's also taken to showing some of the behind the scenes of the ship's galley on his Instagram.

The Morning Tea Spread

This is what the charter guests aboard the Valor get every morning.

Arrival Hors d'Oeuvres

Kevin said on Instagram that guests arriving aboard the yacht all get these yummy summer spring rolls with a Thai dipping sauce. What a welcome.

Kevin Can Cook One Of The Hardest Culinary Dishes

Any Gordon Ramsay fan knows the trials and tribulations of cooking a Beef Wellington. There's no way of knowing if it's cooked properly until it's sliced open. Based on this cooked-to-perfection picture, it looks like Kevin knows what he's doing with this dish. "Always excited to cut through these, it’s like Christmas when you get it perfect," he captioned the photo.

He Cooks With Gourmet Ingredients

Square watermelons can go for around $200 per fruit, but Kevin's just such a fancy chef that he's gotten to use one. However, according to him, "This one tasted like a**."

He Also Shares Recipes

When Kevin's sister asked him for a lamb shank recipe, he decided just to give it to all of his followers too.

He Has A Daughter & She Shares His Love Of Food

According to his Bravo bio, Kevin flies home whenever he can to be with his little girl. Here they are sharing a yummy Pho meal before a flight.

Imagine growing up with a chef as a father. You'd always get the best school lunches and soccer game snacks. That may not be every viewer's life, but at least we can check Kevin's Instagram for photos of the delicious food he cooks for others. It really is the ultimate food porn account.