Kevin Jonas' Daughters Wearing Matching Concert Outfits Is Almost Too Much To Handle

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case you're somehow unaware, the Jonas Brothers are on tour after a very long break. Since they last toured in 2013, each of the brothers have gone on to do their own thing, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas delved in other musical projects, and Kevin Jonas started a family. He and wife Danielle Jonas have had two kids since his last big tour: Alena, born in 2014, and Valentina, born in 2016. And on Aug. 18, Kevin Jonas’ daughters supported their dad while he's on tour, and it's such a sweet thing to see. And not just by being there, but by wearing matching dresses with a personal message repping their dad.

Alena and Valentina had never seen their dad perform on stage with his brothers before this reunion album and tour, so it's been a pretty special ride, as you can imagine. In their documentary, Chasing Happiness, Kevin got emotional thinking about Alena seeing the Jonas Brothers perform for the first time. "Being able to see her in that audience, see me do what I did best for so long... She knows me as her dad, she doesn't know the person that was great," he said. Now that the tour is well on its way, Alena and Valentina have seen the Jonas Brothers perform plenty of times. And, at a recent tour stop, they decided to wear their support for their dad on their sleeves — literally.

Danielle shared the sweet photo on Instagram, showing the two girls in matching purple dresses and white bows, with the words "Not to brag but Kevin's my Dad" on the front, according to Danielle's caption.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Aug. 8, Kevin told them how incredible it is to share this experience with his daughters. "Yesterday my girls showed up for the first time seeing the backstage and getting some special stuff for the road and they were in the best mood I think they've ever been, so I am just beyond excited to have them see this for the first time tonight," he said. Of course, it's going to be a lot different than tour has been for the musician in the past, but he's here for it, and so are his daughters. "It's different, but we're enjoying every single moment," he continued. "The girls showed up yesterday and ran into uncle Nick and uncle Joe and we were just like, 'we're here.' You know, they're ready to go."

Alena and Valentina actually got to see their dad and uncles perform for the very first time right before the Jonas Brothers went on tour. They attended the Jonas Brothers' Carnival of Happiness in New York City in June, hosted by Spotify, and have been staples of the JoBros audience ever since.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing for Kevin and his girls, though. It turns out, that before the world even had a clue about a Jonas Brothers reunion, Alena told her whole class about it. “We were trying to keep it a secret for basically a year,” Nick said on The Tonight Show. “We were making this documentary, making the album. And we’re like, ‘We got this on lock. No one’s gonna tell.’ Kevin comes home and says, ‘Guys, Alena told her whole class.’ Luckily, those 5-year-olds … they’re tight-lipped.” It could have ended in disaster, but their comeback still took everyone by surprise, so it worked out.

Now that the band has had a few shows, Alena and Valentina have seen their dad and uncles in all their glory, and, if this new photo is any indication, they're loving it.