Kevin Jonas Posted This Delightful Photo Of His Daughters Watching The Jonas Brothers Perform

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alena and Valentina Jonas are very proud (and the absolute cutest) daughters. On the eve of the release of their highly-anticipated album Happiness Begins, the Jonas Brothers teamed up with Spotify for a carnival-themed bash, appropriately dubbed the Carnival of Happiness. Fans were on hand at the New York City event on Thursday, June 6; however, this photo of Kevin Jonas’ daughters watching the Jonas Brothers perform prove they’re his biggest fans yet. During the festivities, Jonas took to social media to share a sweet snapshot of his two daughters perched on the shoulders of loved ones as their dad and uncles took the stage.

In the photo, Alena, 5, has her little hands in the air as she claps for the band, while Valentina, 2, enjoys the show alongside her big sister. Jonas wrote of his girls, “#happinessbegins seeing these girls made my night!” According to PopSugar, the dad-of-two also addressed his daughters while on stage that evening, telling the audience that this was their first time seeing the Jonas Brothers perform. Aw!

Alena and Valentina were joined in the audience by their mom Danielle, who also shared a series of behind-the-scenes Instagram stories and live videos leading up to the event. The Spotify bash featured carnival-inspired attractions such as rides and treats (such as cotton candy), so something tells me Alena and Valentina were totally in their element.

At the Carnival of Happiness, the Jonas Brothers also performed some of their more iconic hits that put them on the map, such as “S.O.S” and “Year 3000.” A few hours prior to the show, little Alena took over mom Danielle’s Instagram live to speak to Jonas Brothers fans. During that time, the 5-year-old revealed that her favorite Jonas Brothers song is “Year 3000.” Our hearts.

During the Instagram live, Alena also discussed why she loved the band. With an adorable filter slapped on the lens, she told fans in a video (captured by Jonas Brothers fan account @JonasConcerts), “I love the Jonas Brothers because they’re my uncles and my daddy.” That is truly the best answer, Alena.

At the carnival, uncle Nick also took some time to share photos with his nieces. On instagram, the musician posted a photo where he’s holding both cotton candy and niece Valentina. The stylish 2-year-old rocked a dress and teddy bear backpack in the same peach tone. “Carnival fun with this little munchkin," he captioned.

Later in the evening, Kevin shared more footage of his No. 1 fans on Instagram. In one clip, Alena looks into her dad’s phone and exclaims, “Happiness begins!” which results in a chorus of “awwws” in the background. The video is immediately followed by a clip of wife Danielle dancing to “Year 3000” with the two girls. It’s Alena’s fave, OK?

Considering the timeline of the trio’s breakup, it makes sense that Alena and Valentina have never really seen the Jonas Brothers in action. The band announced their split in 2013, whereas Kevin and Danielle welcomed their firstborn, Alena, in 2014. Still, the girls are still very much aware of their dad’s star status. Last month, Danielle documented a sweet exchange between Alena and Kevin in a clip where she introduced her dad to the camera with, “This is one of the Jonas Brothers.”

Alena and Valentina are clearly the Jonas Brothers’ No. 1 fans. Perhaps a Jonas Children band is on the horizon? A “Year 3000” remix would be something.