Forget Dry Shampoo, There's Now Dry Conditioner

Everyone knows why dry shampoo is a necessary part of any beauty arsenal. It literally saves your butt. If you have oily roots and no time to shower, a quick spritz of dry shampoo will hide any grease. But what about the rest of your hair? Kevin.Murphy's Young.Again Dry Conditioner focuses on the rest of your locks, and helps to lift limp strands and refresh a hairstyle after it deflates.

Kevin.Murphy's Dry Conditioner is not to be confused with dry shampoo. Rather than focusing on the scalp, the dry conditioner is used from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. And rather than blasting your tresses to dry up excess oil, this spray does the opposite. It hydrates, conditions, moisturizes, detangles, and adds manageability to your hair, and can be used with or without dry shampoo.

While it might sound like the dry conditioner is just a hydrating spray, it will play a bigger role in your hair salvation than that. It basically revitalizes your hairstyles, and adds days to the longevity of your looks. Young.Again dry conditioner can be used to revive hairstyles between washes or extend blowouts. If you curl your hair and see that your coils are deflating late afternoon, this spray can breathe new life into them. The dry conitioner is great for long hair, which has a tendency to lay heavily and deflate faster, or for thick hair that frizzes and puffs up by late afternoon.

“The silky dry formula will not wet your hair at all. It will just help to rejuvenate all hair types by adding weightless moisture and increasing manageability," the brand's founder, Kevin Murphy, said in a press release.

Kevin Murphy

"Dry conditioner is perfect to revitalize the hair after a few days without washing, it brings your hair back to life by instantly adding hydration to lack luster hair, that otherwise would have had to been washed and conditioned in the shower," Murphy shares with Bustle. "I created dry conditioner to give clients more wear out of their hair style. Many times we focus on the roots since they get oily and require a wash. Well, we also need to focus on the mid-to-ends of the hair since they can get dry and brittle without the use of a conditioner."

In a video that explained how to use the product, Murphy shared that he wanted to make a rejuvenating spray that restored softness and a velvety texture to dry brittle hair. So if you find that your hair is silky right after shampooing, and then devolves into a dry, frizzy, tangled mess a day or two after, this spray will help you restore that softness without having to go under a shower spray.

To use the Dry Conditioner spray, give the can a good shake and spray on dry hair from the upper-middle strands to ends. Then toss your hair with your fingers and revive your style as desired. Or if you have certain problem areas in your hairstyle (like the nape of your neck getting tangled) you can use a more targeted approach with the spray.

The Young.Again Dry Conditioner is already available to purchase, but it can't be found online. You can find the products in Kevin.Murphy salons and salons that carry Kevin.Murphy products. If you're not sure how to hunt down the product, you can use the Salon Locator to find a salon near you that carries the Kevin.Murphy product you are looking for.