KFC Just Launched A "Nutella Kreme Ball" — Here's What's In it

KFC has more than 21,000 KFC locations on six continents as of 2017. Much of the menu you would find in Australia, Belize, or China is the same as you would in the U.S. But, once in a while a restaurant will introduce a location-specific addition, often met with jealousy by the rest of the word. Case in point: a brand new dessert being offered by KFC France that is unlike anything you could find in the old U S of A. A Nutella Kream Ball with ice cream just took the fast food dessert game to an entirely new level.

The KFC France website describes the treat as vanilla ice cream, swirled on top of a layer broken wafers (similar to a thin, crunchy cookie crumbs) and finished with a drizzle of Nutella on top. It is served in a little round plastic bowl which is optimized for holding in the palm of your hand. The U.S. equivalent of this treat would probably be a fast food hot fudge sundae, but between hot fudge and Nutella, there is a clear winner.

In an Instagram post from the chain, KFC gives a nod to the spread's typical (in France, at least) role as a breakfast item on toast. The French caption translates to "Kream Ball with Nutella: no need to make toast to convince you to come and taste it. "

Delish uncovered that KFC Brazil also offers a variation of the Kream Ball dessert on its menu. The concept is the same, but without the addition of Nutella. The basis of one is flakes of chocolate Ovomaltine, which is a milk-flavoring powder make with malt — it is similar to Nesquik. A layer of vanilla soft ice cream is added and the final product is topped with cookie crumbles. A second type has vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche (caramel) and pieces of alfajor — a South American caramel sandwich cookie.

While not listed on the website, Brazil-based Instagrammer named gastronoticia reports there is a third variety available that pairs vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and pieces of cookies.

Back in the country where KFC was founded, the chain places a pretty big emphasis on its chicken. But, that doesn't mean they haven't been working on something sweet.

Last month, KFC introduced Hot Honey as the fourth regionally-inspired chicken flavor to grace menus. The sauce draws inspiration from a Louisiana classic, and, per KFC, "...adds an unexpectedly delicious burst of sweet honey with the spicy kick of pepper to KFC’s fried chicken." The Hot Honey sauce can be added to the Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles, and Extra Crispy Chicken.

As of right now, KFC's United States locations don't offer any ice cream-based desserts; only chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. So if you find yourself across the pond, you should take advantage of the rare treat, and return with word of its deliciousness. Who knows, maybe if enough people dig it in other countries, the U.S. will catch on?