KFC Launched A Mac 'N Cheese Bun With Photos That Will Make You Drool

by Brittany Bennett

If you ever thought I'd enjoy this fried chicken more if it was sandwiched between two fried saucers of Mac and Cheese, congratulations the Universe heard you. KFC added a Mac 'N Cheese bun to its menu and it's available now. While this is jaw-droppingly good news, there is a catch for us state side KFC fans. This new, innovative way to sandwich is only available on menus in Singapore.

Regular sesame buns are a classic. That's not up for debate. But some may feel as though they're teetering on snooze fest status. To keep things interesting, classic is being made over into something a little more ~extra~. Like making a side dish the main attraction. And that is a promotion I am here for.

The official name for this sandwich is surprisingly not "Most Creative Thing Ever Thought Up" but instead "Mac 'N Cheese Zinger." Which, upon second thought, totally has a better ring to it. Per the commercial debut, the sandwich consists of the Zinger fillet, mac 'n cheese that is "perfectly" fried, more cheese, turkey bacon and lettuce. If you live in Singapore or are fatefully passing through, and the Mac 'N Cheese Zinger calls to you like the siren of fast food that it is, the sandwich is available now.

The Mac 'N Cheese Zinger is already stirring up quite a frenzy on social media. Twitter users are calling it "amazing" and those waiting to try it are seemingly amped for their first bite. One Twitter User writes, "im coming for uuuuu." Which is what a lot of people in the U.S. are probably wishing they could do right now.

Per, more details about the sandwich. The Mac 'N Cheese Zinger is available for dine in and take out. By paying the equivalent of a dollar more, your sandwich will be filled out into a full on meal that includes a medium whipped potato and a regular sized Pepsi. Is it a good idea to start tracking best flight deals to Singapore? I think yes. Because it's not known if the sandwich will appear on any of our local KFC menus in the states anytime soon.

The Mac 'N Cheese Zinger comes just after KFC UK announced its contest to win one of the 230 available Gravy Scented Candle. Because that is a thing. That people want to win.

For those of us many miles away from encountering Mac 'N Cheese this way or being able to have the chance to win a Gravy candle, we're not at a total loss. Stateside KFC fans have other things on the menu to drool over. Might I remind you of the Pickle Fried Chicken KFC fans were treated to in June. A fried chicken sandwich that relished in the satisfying bite of dill and vinegar. And, if you really want to absorb this global fried goodness, you can treat your senses through the KFChill experience. Fried Chicken ASMR, anyone? Because you can treat yourself to a full hour of that sizzling, spitting action.

Thanks to the internet, no matter where you are in the world as a KFC fan, we all win.