Khloe & Malika Have A Massive Fight On 'KUWTK'

by Nicole Pomarico
Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If Khloe Kardashian isn't hanging out with her sisters, there's one person she's usually inseparable from: Malika Haqq. But on Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that's the opposite of what's happening. After getting in a new relationship, they haven't been as close as before... and it's not pretty. Khloe and Malika fought on KUWTK, and it was so weird to see, since they've always gotten along so well.

As Khloe tells the story, after Malika went on Famously Single and left the show dating Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore — a relationship which has since ended, sadly — she just hadn't talked to her as much anymore. Malika wasn't answering her calls and texts, and it all boiled over into an argument where Malika admitted she felt neglected by Khloe, which was weird because that's exactly how Khloe felt.

This is something a lot of friendships go through. I mean, who hasn't had a friendship change when a friend starts dating someone new? But sometimes, it does result in the friendship ending, and that seemed like exactly what Khloe didn't want to happen with Malika. Duh — they've been friends forever, or at least it seems that long.

Fortunately, it wasn't something they couldn't work out. After a long talk, Khloe found out that Malika didn't want to ruin Khloe's happiness by telling her about what was going wrong in her life. In reality, it wasn't that she was obsessed with her new BF — it was that their relationship was quickly going down the tubes and she didn't want to bother Khloe or bring her down.

In the end, all it took were a few tears and some hugs to set their relationship back on the right path, because that's what best friends are for, right? And unsurprisingly enough, Khloe threatened to send Ronnie back to Jersey if he hurts her friend, which was really adorable.

I'm so relieved that Khloe and Malika were able to work things out, because I can't imagine KUWTK without their friendship. Communication wins again, everybody. I can't wait to see their Instagram posts when they're grandmas together someday!