Khloé Just Explained Her Pregnancy Announcement Pic & Why Her Face Wasn’t In It

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian took the world by storm on Dec. 20, when she finally confirmed that she was pregnant after months of speculation. Her surprise Instagram photo, and its accompanying caption, was a welcome confirmation to just about any Kardashian fan out there. Now, following that confirmation, Khloé Kardashian has clarified that birth announcement photo and given her fans insight into what went into it, as described on her own website.

From Kardashian's account, it sounds like the her photoshoot with Tristan Thompson, which was done with the help of a couple friends (Simon, Savas, and Hrush, who have become close friends of the reality star as she's spent more time in Cleveland), was totally serendipitous. She also revealed that there's a very specific, and hilarious, reason why Kardashian and Thompson's heads were cropped out. She wrote:

"One day when he came home from practice, we decided to just do it! Simon took the photo and Savas was on the phone with Hrush and they were directing the placement of our hands. Our heads are cropped out because we both looked crazy, LOL."

The reality star also clarified that there wasn't anything "strategic" or planned about the photo, at all. Instead, the couple decided that it was simply the perfect moment to document their growing family. She said, "Everyone thought this was some strategic picture, but in fact I think we got it done in 20 seconds — and it was just done by us."

So, there you have it, folks. Kardashian and Thompson did things their own way with their announcement. And it's such a lovely photo, especially considering it only took them around 20 seconds to complete the whole shoot.

Kardashian's latest revelation puts to rest any speculation into whether the birth announcement photo was sponsored. As BuzzFeed notes, many wondered whether her photo, which put her Calvin Klein sports bra on display, was sponsored by the fashion brand. What helped spark this theory was the fact that, only days before Kardashian's announcement, WWD reported that the Kardashian family might be involved in a Calvin Klein ad sometime in the future (aka the fam's campaign that was revealed in January 2018).

Yet, Kardashian never mentioned any kind of sponsorship (or even put "#ad" anywhere in the caption or comments) and neither did the brand. And now that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has stated that the shoot was a spur of the moment thing, it's time to put that sponsor speculation to rest.

If you missed Kardashian's original announcement back in December, you missed a major moment. As previously mentioned, the KUWTK star confirmed that she was pregnant in the baby bump bearing Instagram photo on Dec. 20. In her lengthy caption for the post, she related how overjoyed she was to finally become a mom. She thanked all of her fans for their "love and positive vibes" and, most importantly, her beau Thompson for all of his support.

Ever since she revealed the happy news, she's been super open about sharing even more photos of herself on social media with her baby bump on full display. However, she hasn't been immune to some unfriendly and unwarranted criticism relating back to her pregnancy. The criticisms prompted her to hit back at her haters on Twitter, where she rightly told them off. She said:

Good for Khloé! This is such a special time in her life and she deserves to celebrate it in any way that she feels comfortable with. It doesn't sound like the haters are going to get to Kardashian and make her stop sharing her happiness on social media anytime soon, thankfully.

It's been such a joy to watch the relatable reality star prepare to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world (a baby girl, as revealed in the KUWTK Season 14 finale). Keep these awesome, spur of the moment pregnancy pics coming, Khloé. The true Kardashian fans are definitely into keeping up with them.