Khloe’s Tweet About Kourtney & Kris’ Fight On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Is Something Every Sister Can Relate To

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian has been at the center of a lot of drama this season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and on Sunday night, Khloe's tweet about Kris and Kourtney's fight shows that the latest beef was wearing on the entire family.

The issue is brought to light early in the episode, and it only escalates from there. Kris and Khloe go shopping for Khloe's upcoming baby, and amidst thinking back to how she shopped in the same store while pregnant with Kourtney, Kris notes that her relationship with her oldest daughter has been a little strained recently.

Kris says Kourtney has been a bit "mean" and quick to anger with her lately, and she's not really sure why. "I just wish she would make an effort to treat me the way that I feel like I'd love to be treated. I love her so much, she's my first born daughter." Later, Kourtney gives a little more context, and reveals that issues with Kris have come up in her therapy sessions. "[My therapist] said because Mom cheated on Dad, I have an issue with betrayal," Kourtney tells Khloe, adding that Kris was never the person she'd go to as a child when she had a problem — she always headed to her father, the late Robert Kardashian.

Khloe, bless her soul, was caught in the middle, and her tweets during the episode's live airing make it clear that it was a stressful situation. Anyone who's had to watch their loved ones squabble can relate.

The info that Kris cheated on Robert isn't exactly new — she's publicly acknowledged it in the past, and said it's a part of her past that she regrets. But clearly, Kourtney still has lingering resentment bubbling below the surface. Khloe straight up tells Kourtney that she's not giving Kris a fair shake, and it eventually spurs Kourtney to confront Kris and hash things out.

"If my going to therapy and figuring this all out is making me resentful [toward] my mom... I feel like it is worth having a conversation with her, to let her know that's not my intention, and it's really about me working on myself," Kourtney tells the camera. The two sit down together, and it's actually a really productive conversation. Kourtney tells her mother that if she was rude to her, she wasn't meaning to be — she was just sensitive to things because of past feelings that had been brought up.

And on Kris' end, she tells Kourtney that all she wants is to be a good mom, and make her kids happy. "The joy of my life is you guys," Kris says. "I have nothing else. I never want you to be disappointed in me. ... I'm 100% ready to work on it.


Kourtney also tells Kris that in general, she's going to be more vocal with her family about things that bother her. "What we usually do as a family is we criticize each other... Moving forward in life, I've made a point with my sisters already to not accept that anymore." They hug, they make up, and especially in reality television standards, it's a super mature conversation.

By the end of the episode, Kris and Kourtney's dynamic is hunky-dory. They're casually, happily shopping together with the rapport of a close mother-daughter duo, and their heart-to-heart really seems to have smoothed over any rough patch they were going through. They both seem hopeful for a better future, and it's all thanks to Khloe's insistance that no one in this family let anything stew until it becomes a major problem. Can Khloe mediate everyone's family drama from now on? She clearly has a knack for it.

A few viewers on social media have criticized Kourtney this season for being a bit more demanding of those around her, and for seeming supposedly unreasonable at times. But honestly, she's clearly on a journey to treat herself better, and that can often mean expecting more of the people you love. Her methods might not always be spot-on, but as evidenced this week, Kourtney is getting better at consciously addressing the problems in her life, and her family is there to support every step of the way.