Kim Kardashian May Be Taking KKW Beauty Into Lip Land

Ever since Kim Kardashian West launched KKW Beauty in June 2017, folks have been comparing her products to her sister Kylie Jenner's. But a recent Instagram snap from Kardashian West has fans wondering if she just revealed a new KKW product — one that will put her squarely in Jenner's domain.

As Allure points out, Kardashian West's products skew toward "base makeup, like contour and highlight, while Kylie's brand is more about lips and eyes." A new Instagram post from Kardashian West, though, is making fans wonder if she's about to bring KKW into lip land. On Sept. 2, she shared a snap of a glittery red lip print on a white background. That may appear innocuous, but the print is tagged with "kkwbeauty," which may be a sign that Kardashian West is working on her own lip colors.

KKW Beauty does currently offer one lip product: A set of four creme liquid lipsticks, the result of a collab between Kylie Cosmetics and KKW. However, the lipsticks are in natural and nude shades, a pretty far cry from Kylie Cosmetics' usual wild colors, like the velvety metallic red liquid lipstick Reign. And given the color of the lip print Kardashian West shared, she appears to be moving away from nude shades — if, of course, this snap is a sign of a new product.

Even if KKW Beauty does begin selling boldly pigmented lipsticks, liquid or otherwise, competition between Kardashian West and Jenner seems unlikely. In a June interview with Bustle, the first thing Kardashian West said when asked about competition between KKW and Kylie Cosmetics was that she's proud of her sister.

She also said creating her own line was "a long time coming," and that launching KKW was "a lot of figuring it out on my own and with the team."

It's also worth noting that Kardashian West was a part of Kardashian Beauty along with her sisters, so her previous endeavors, both with owning a beauty company and in being not only a sister but a colleague to her family members, may be part of the apparent air of noncompetition between her and Jenner.

Whether this Insta snap is a sign of a new lip product or not, fans are sure to be here for whatever Kardashian West and KKW Beauty come up with next.