Kim Kardashian's Hair Is Basically Down To The Floor Now

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Kim Kardashian changes her hair a lot. That's not exactly a secret, and with someone who switches up their locks so often, sometimes, it's not as exciting. That's not the case this time because Kim Kardashian's hair is basically down to the floor in one of her most recent Instagram photos. Honestly, she's serving serious Cher vibes, but the real question is how does she sit down?

On Wednesday, March 21, Kardashian took to her Instagram account to post a behind the scenes photos of herself at the shoot for her new line of sunglasses with brand Carolina Lemke. While you may be thinking that especially long hair isn't something new for Kardashian, you'd be partially correct. The KKW Beauty mogul and reality television star isn't a stranger to rocking long locks. In fact, she's had them for several months now, even when she's gone for green hair. The difference is that this look is seriously next level.

In the photos, Kardashian is simply standing while pulling on what seems to be a white coat over a black bra and panty set. Of course, she's wearing her Carolina Lemke sunnies. Because Kardashian is standing, though, you actually get a full length view of her hair, and full length are the key words there because her hair seems to go well below her knees.

Typically, Kardashian's long hair stops right around her waist, which honestly is pretty damn long. This look, though, seems to go all the way to the floor. Essentially, if Ariana Grande let down her "7 Rings" pony, it may just be the same length as Kardashian's hair in this behind the scenes photo.

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While the hair is obviously not real and probably just for the photo shoot for her new sunglasses collaboration, Kardashian also seems to be following a certain pattern she has: embodying Cher. The KKW Beauty creator has not been shy about expressing her love for the iconic diva. From attending her concert on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to dressing as the "Believe" singer, Kardashian's hair is often reminiscent of the singer and actor with its long length and middle part.

Can two women both have long dark hair? Of course, they can, but Kardashian's honesty about admiring Cher's style means that her own looks may be inspired by the iconic singer. Plus, considering that ultra-long, dark hair has always been a signature look of Cher's since her Sunny & Cher days, Kardashian's choice to continually rock the same style could easily been seen as an homage to one of her idols.

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If you were thinking that long dark hair isn't notable for Kardashian think again because this below the knee, stick straight look is extra AF and giving serious Cher vibes. While Kardashian's hair is long gone according to a follow-up Instagram post where she seems to be back to her normal (but still long) length, the look will live on in the marketing for her new Carolina Lemke sunnies, and thank God for that.