Kim Kardashian's New Photo Of North Proves She Can Nap Anywhere, Just Like Her Dad

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Kids really do take after their parents, as proven in Kim Kardashian's photo of North falling asleep on Kanye West. On Wednesday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a new Instagram of her eldest daughter sitting on her dad's shoulders with her arm and head resting on his head while she slept. This isn't a joke, North literally fell asleep on top of Kanye's head. The description doesn't do it justice, so definitely check out the picture below for yourself.

What makes the cute image that much better is, according to Kim, North didn't just rest her eyes for a few minutes. Oh no, it was a lot longer. As the KKW Beauty founder captioned the hilarious Instagram,

"She was actually sleeping like this for a good 30 minutes."

The 5-year-old sure looks comfortable chilling on her rapper dad, but it doesn't seem like the same can be said for Kanye. Based on his facial expression, he doesn't look like he's enjoying the nap as much as his daughter. Though, Kim swore North slept on Kanye for a half-hour, so maybe he was totally fine? Or maybe he was just caught off guard by being photographed? Whatever the case, this photo certainly proves that North can sleep anywhere — and comfortably so.

As KUWTK fans know, Kanye is an epic napper. He can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, just like North. The musician taught his daughter well, didn't he?

For example, in February 2016, the Kids See Ghosts artist once took a nap with North in a baby store when they were supposed to be helping Chrissy Teigen and John Legend help pick out baby items.

You can see the Instagram below, which Kim captioned, "So today we went baby shopping with @johnlegend & @chrissyteigen Kanye & North were a little too quiet. We found them passed out in the middle of the store. #TheRealLifeOfPablo."

There was also that time Kanye and Kris Jenner napped together in August 2015 at James Harden's birthday party. Like Kim wrote next to the picture she shared on Instagram, "Rager!!!!"

If that isn't enough, there was also that one time Kanye decided to get comfy at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards:

It's a long awards show, can you blame him?

Yeah, North is basically her father's twin. Funnily enough, Kim previously discussed how much the two are alike. During an April 2017 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality star said about her firstborn,

"She's really, really smart. She knows how to outsmart us, or she thinks she does. But she is Kanye's twin. Same personality, [and she] says the same wild things."

Can you imagine when North gets older and has her own social media accounts? That will really be the moment of truth of how similar she is to Kanye. Fans may also get to see how strong her nap game really is when she's in control of posting her own pictures. Until then, everyone can just take Kim's word for it, while also enjoying all of the nap photos she shares of North.