This Video Of Kim Kardashian Talking About Tristan Blocking Her Is SO Intense

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can mess with Kim Kardashian all you want, but when you go after her Instagram it's officially on. In a new Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip, Kim reacts to Tristan Thompson blocking her on Instagram amid his infidelity scandal, and it was really enough to put her over the edge. He'd clearly hurt her sister, Khloé Kardashian, at that point, but with the push of a "block" button it was officially war.

In Sunday's KUWTK episode, fans were able to relive all of the drama surrounding Khloé's relationship when she gave birth to True in April (going into labor just a day after finding out about Tristan). In the clip, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are sitting on a couch and chatting in what seems like the height of Tristan's cheating scandal. Kim goes to unfollow Tristan, and she tells Kourtney, "I'm not following any boyfriend or anything 'cause it's so awkward when I have to unfollow. You have to practically be married in at this point. That's my rule."

But little did she know, she'd already been blocked. When Kim made the discovery, she gasped and said, "He blocked me! What a f*cking loser. Literally what a f*cking loser," and immediately called Khloé. "Wait he blocked me on Instagram," she told her sister. "Like, how old are you?"

Khloé responded back with some shade to her boyfriend, replying, "He's 27. Only 27-year-olds know how to block; I don't even know how to block someone," she said laughing. "Oh, it's on," Kim responded, to which Khloé replied, "Oh no, please don't do the 'it's on,' what does that mean?"

Instagram blocking really crosses a line in this family. "It just means when I see him, I'm going to, like, spit on him," Kim told her. "Whatever, I'll save it all for him. I won't stress you out. We can co-exist, I'll be nice." The two sisters then debated about whether or not Kim and Tristan could actually be civil and after hanging up, Kim spits out, "Your boyfriend's a f*cking loser."

Since then, it's certainly been a rocky road for Tristan to get back in good graces with Khloé's family, especially Kim. In June, Kim made Tristan unblock her at Khloé's birthday party, documenting it on Instagram. "Alright guys, what do you think? It's Khloé's birthday, should I ask this guy to unblock me?" Kim said on her Instagram Story at the time. Tristan was lying down in the background with Khloé hovering over him. "Was that a yes?" Kim asked him and he replied, "Si... There's no going back now."

Cut to August when Tristan was snubbed at Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party. At the massive celebration, Kylie displayed a mural of her family and friends and Tristan wasn't included (even though it did include Kourtney's ex Scott Disick).

In Sunday's episode, Khloé gave birth and learned Tristan had been unfaithful to her during the course of their relationship and pregnancy. Though her decision to stay with him has definitely been a controversial one, she explained a little bit of her reasoning on the show (in the video above).

"I've always been in a believer in: don't make permanent decisions off temporary emotions," she told audiences in one of her sit-down interviews. "He obviously f*cked up major... In two weeks I might say I don't trust you and this isn't for me, or I might say this is perfect, let's keep it going."

Regardless of where their relationship stands, one thing is certain: don't come for Kim on Instagram unless you're willing to face her wrath.