Kim Kardashian Says Which ‘Sex & The City’ Character She Is, But Sorry, She’s Wrong

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian may be one of the most famous women in the world, but that doesn't mean that she still doesn't have a few surprises left for her fans. In a video for Ellen DeGeneres' new YouTube series, Ellen's Show Me More Show, Kim Kardashian revealed which Sex and the City character she is. Or at least the one she thinks she is, because her answer is pretty surprising.

In the video, Kardashian answers a flurry of "Burning Questions" and actually reveals a lot about herself. She says that she and husband Kanye West are in a "tie" when it comes to who has best fashion sense in their marriage. She also included an interesting tidbit about who she would like to play her in a movie, and it's none other than her sister Kylie Jenner. A biopic about Kardashian starring Kylie Jenner? Please green-light this immediately! Kardashian's also not afraid to show her funny side as she does a truly hilarious impression of her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

But what did she say when asked which SATC lady she is? Charlotte! "I've always been such a Charlotte," she says. "She was like, kind of conservative and whatever. And I know you guys would never believe that but I swear in high school at least I was."

Even Kardashian knows that this revelation might be a bit surprising for fans. Kim K as the more conservative Charlotte? According to the reality star herself, it's more of a natural comparison than one might think.

This news may also be surprising to Kardashian's sister Khloé Kardashian. In a post on her website in 2016, Khloé said both Kardashian and little sister Kylie Jenner were like Carrie. Khloé explained (via People), "They're fashion and glamour obsessed thinkers!"

Khloé's not wrong, and her assessment is probably more what fans would have expected from Kardashian's own answer. She isn't exactly the most conservative star out there right now, which is totally fine, but Charlotte probably wouldn't ever be caught posing naked in a tree. Khloé's reasoning for Kardashian being more like Carrie seems spot-on. Kardashian thinks she's more like a Charlotte though, and she'd definitely know which Sex and the City character she is since she's a total fan of the series.

So, where do the others in the Kardashian-Jenner family members land? Here's where I would place them.

Kim & Kourtney Are Total Charlottes

Kim already considers herself a Charlotte, and I think Kourtney would be a Charlotte, too. The oldest Kardashian sibling is a little bit more conservative than her sisters and likes to be a little bit more private. She told Natural Health Magazine (via Cosmopolitan), "I'll set times, like, 'On this day, I need everyone to leave me alone.' Being able to communicate that is important. I do become a recluse once in a while. It's so nice to just be at home and to not have to deal with the outside world." Sounds like a Charlotte move.

Kendall's A Miranda & So Is Matriarch Kris Jenner

Kendall is always keeping it real with her sisters on Keeping up with the Kardashians, just like Miranda would. And Mama Kris? She also has Miranda's knack for realism and the smarts to back things up. The Kardashian-Jenner fam would probably not be where they are today without Kris' Miranda-esque capabilities.

Khloé & Samantha Are Almost The Same Person

Khloé's even said herself, "I guess that makes me Samantha, LOL!" when she shared who each of her sisters would be as Sex and the City characters on her app. Khloé, like Samantha on Sex and the City, is frequently the comic relief on KUWTK. She always has a hilarious one-liner at the ready. Khloé's also not afraid to get a little raunchy sometimes, creating some truly funny moments on the fam's E! series.

The Carrie Diaries Or... The Kylie Diaries?

Kylie Jenner has to be the Carrie of the family. Like Khloé said before, she's a "fashion and glamour obsessed thinker!" She also has her own show now, Life of Kylie, where she lets viewers in on what's going on in her daily life. Sounds a lot like Carrie on Sex and the City, doesn't it? Khloé may think Kylie and Kim are the Carries of the group, but to me, Kylie's the only resident Carrie of the Kardashian-Jenner fam.

So, how's that Sex and the City 3 movie coming along? In case the original cast isn't up for another sequel, the Kardashians and Jenners would would be able to take things over seamlessly if need be. Now, they just need to figure out which one of their famous beaus would be Mr. Big.