Kim Kardashian’s ‘This Is Us’ Tweet Seriously Asks If It’s “Good"

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering how many people are obsessed with Kim Kardashian and how many people are obsessed with This Is Us, there's a pretty good chance that there's a large population who loves both. And if you fall into that category, get ready, because these two worlds have collided. Kardashian tweeted about This Is Us on Wednesday night, and judging by the questions she asked about the show, it's quite possible that she's the one person on the planet who remains emotionally untouched by the Pearson family.

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's get started. First of all, in the tweet, Kardashian admitted that she's "starting" to watch the show, which is understandable. It's hard to believe that anyone hasn't been watching this whole time, but people are busy, and sometimes, TV just doesn't fit into their schedule, so Kardashian can get a pass on that one. Plus, who wouldn't give anything to watch This Is Us for the first time all over again? She's so lucky.

However, the questions that follow that statement? Well, they're ones that everybody already knows the answer to. Here's what Kardashian took the time to tweet last Wednesday night, possibly after deciding what her next bedtime show would be:

Who watches This Is Us? IS IT GOOD? Kim, are you serious right now? These are practically rhetorical questions. But since she asked, it's only fair to answer.

Of course, Justin Hartley's reply does do the trick:

But if Kardashian wants more detailed answers, she's come to the right place.

Who Watches It?

Kardashian might have been just trying to get some advice from her followers who watch, but the short answer to this question is "everyone." If you're reading this, you probably watch this show, your mom probably watches this show, and you can probably name at least three friends and family members who watch it. It's a phenomenon. Crying at Jack's every line of dialogue? Practically an American pastime at this point. Watch out, baseball and apple pie, because the Pearsons are coming for you.

But, if you want more depth to this answer, here it is. According to Deadline, the post-Super Bowl episode (yeah, that one) raked in 14.758 million viewers (including those who viewed it up to three days after on their DVR), which was an all time high for the series. That's a lot of people. Check out Twitter when a new episode is airing. Who isn't talking about this show every Tuesday?

Is It Good?

Yes, "good" is a subjective term, but not when it comes to This Is Us. This Is Us is unequivocally good, regardless of anyone's negative opinion of it, should those negative opinions even exist. And just in case you're not convinced, there's plenty of concrete evidence to prove this point.

In 2017, after only one season of the show had aired, This Is Us scooped up five Emmy nominations (and one win) and three Golden Globes nominations. So far, in 2018, it got another three Golden Globes nominations (winning one) and won both Screen Actor's Guild awards it was up for. This show has been on the air for less than two full years. Let that sink in.

And you can't forget that This Is Us stars Mr. Sterling K. Brown, the first black man to take home an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 19 years. That's a pretty big deal.

If you've never cried your eyes out on the couch watching Deja say goodbye to Randall and Tess or thrown things at the TV when Miguel tried to be Pilgrim Rick (he could NEVER be half the man Pilgrim Rick was), then you haven't lived. Everyone deserves that opportunity, including Kardashian.

Even though she's a little late to the party, it's great that Kardashian finally made it there. Now all we have to do is cross our fingers and hope that she live tweets all of the feelings she will have while she watches the show. Come on — admit that you're dying to know how she reacts when she finally finds out how Jack died.