Kim Kardashian's Twitter Poll For Naming North West's Puppy Comes To An Unfair End

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Hello, Sushi. Goodbye, Peachy Pop (Peaches for short). That's right, North West's puppy is named Sushi. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian created a puppy name poll featuring four choices (Baby Jesus, Peachy Pop, Sushi, and Goldie) for Twitter users to cast a vote in helping to name her daughter's adorable new dog that North got for her fourth birthday on June 15. As simple as a poll should be, this one turned out to be absolutely useless due to the fact that Sushi wasn't even the winning name. There are many who now feel robbed, especially after voting on a such a serious topic.

Wouldn't you think that the winning name, Peachy Pop, should've actually been used instead of Sushi, which came in second place? Since when does runner-up translate to winner? (I may be a bit biased and feel personally snubbed, because I voted for Peachy Pop.)

It's important to note that maybe North really wanted to name her dog Sushi. If that's the case, then, yeah, it's understandable why the extremely cute and fluffy pup is not named Peachy Pop. It would make sense, especially since Kardashian revealed on Twitter that North had a list of names, which included Sushi. Whatever the case, it's still frustrating, especially for those who took time out of their busy day for the whole two seconds it took to vote.

But, really, why have a poll, if you're not going to take the results seriously? Many will probably never partake in another Kim Kardashian poll again, because they all now know how she just ignores the winner.

Early Tuesday morning, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star announced the winning name by tweeting, "FYI the puppy's name is Sushi." Her post led to much confusion, since Peachy Pop won with 29 percent (Sushi only had 25 percent, Baby Jesus was close behind with 24 percent, and Goldie fell in last place with 22 percent). There was also disappointment for those who didn't want Sushi to win.

One person equated the results with the 2016 presidential election by tweeting, "I guess Sushi won the electoral vote." How perfect is that? Another Twitter user became very passionate by simply posting in all caps, "JUSTICE FOR PEACHY POP (PEACHES)." As someone else pointed out to Kardashian, "We have the receipts, Kim."

Kardashian definitely has some explaining to do, because there are a lot of perplexed voters on Twitter right now.

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