Kim Kardashian Clarified What Kanye West Meant About Their Family Moving To Chicago

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The Kardashian family's appearance on the April 1 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with selfies, Las Vegas memories, and an update on the whole Chicago front (the city, not Kimye's adorable tot). Kim Kardashian's update about moving to Chicago with Kanye West shows that the pair might not be packing their bags for the Windy City just yet.

Kimmel had a clip to share with Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian, which just so happened to be a video that captured Kanye West's announcement about his supposedly permanent move back to Chicago. After playing the clip, the host asked the KKW Beauty mogul when she found out about her husband's supposed move. "He told me on that clip. So, I found out with everyone else," she replied.

Given West's penchant for keeping Kardashian on her toes, that's not entirely surprising. She continued to reveal whether the move, with the entirety of the Kardashian-West fam, was actually going to happen:

"We're gonna remodel his mother's home and he wants to stay there with all the kids. It's a one and a half bedroom home. So, I think it would be fun every once in a while. And I would love to spend more time in Chicago, it's his home, it's what made him and I definitely want to spend more time there but... it would be hard."

While it doesn't sound like a permanent move to the Midwest is in the cards for the family, you can probably expect the West crew to spend a little more time in Chicago. After all, it will be fun for Kardashian and her youngsters (especially baby Chicago) to see where the "Stronger" rapper grew up.

In case you missed it, West previously announced that he was going to be moving back to his hometown on a permanent basis, according to TMZ. As the aforementioned clip on Kimmel detailed, in September 2018, the rapper told a group of high school students at an OpenMike event hosted by Chance the Rapper, "I’ve got to let you all know, that I’m moving back to Chicago, and I'm never leaving again!"

Days after West's announcement, it was reported by multiple sources, that Kardashian would not be moving to Chicago with her husband on a permanent basis, if the move was to even occur. "Kim isn't going to move to Chicago full time," a source told E! News, and added, in a sentiment that echoes Kardashian's recent ones on Kimmel, "She will be spending time there and supporting Kanye."

"Kim feels her whole life is in L.A., and she isn't ready to make drastic changes and move across the country," a second source told the publication, adding:

"The plan is to travel there back and forth often, but not be permanent residents. Kanye is planning on spending more time in Chicago than Kim. This has been a long time coming for Kanye, and Kim is trying to be compromise and be a good partner. They have just started the process of looking into buying something."
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More recently, People reported in late March that West likely wouldn't be moving to Chicago permanently. “Kanye is excited about being in L.A. now since he has his spiritual service every Sunday,” a source told the publication, "he seems happy in L.A.”

So, it's pretty safe to say that the Kardashian-West family won't be heading to the Windy City anytime soon. But, based on Kardashian's recent comments, there's a very good chance that the fam will, at the very least, be spending more time in the city that made West who he is.