There Could Be More 'Kingsman' In Your Future

Eggsy may be here to stay, and that's excellent news for fans of the edgy, postmodern-James Bond style spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. As Deadline reports, director Matthew Vaughn revealed he was thinking up ideas for a potential Kingsman 3 while he was working on the second film in the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. With the second film not set for release until September, the fate of the Kingsman franchise is likely to be determined by how well the sequel does at the box office. As long as the film is as sleek, witty, and ultra-violent as its predecessor, then a Kingsman trilogy appears to be very much on the table.

During a London sneak peek of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Vaughn said he and his writing partner, Jane Goldman, had big plans for a potential third film. "Weirdly while we were writing Kingsman 2, we were thinking of Kingsman 3 as well, which is odd. We've got a big idea for that. This is sort of the bridge and if we can pull this off, we’ll make another one," Vaughn said.

Everyone start crossing your fingers now because the world needs more of thief turned secret agent Eggsy in it. The first film was the shot of adrenaline the dying spy genre needed, and the trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle certainly looks like a worthy followup. A third movie would solidify the franchise's place in the pantheon of great spy films.

The second film is set to take Eggsy, Merlin, and Roxy to the United States after the Kingsman headquarters are blown up. They will be working with their U.S. counterparts, the Statesman, to take down the deadly Golden Circle. With wicked cool fight scenes, underwater cars, and an eye-patch wearing Colin Firth all on display in the trailer, the film has the potential to be magical.

With Vaughn and Goldman already plotting out a third film, it would be a shame for Kingsman not to become a trilogy. The franchise boasts an amazing cast thanks to Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, and Julianne Moore, and the first film was a cheeky treat that took audiences by surprise.

Original film ideas are becoming harder and harder to come back, but the first Kingsman was an undeniably fresh romp that reinvented tired spy tropes. Audiences want more, and, as long as Vaughn stays true to the heart of the series with the second film, it sounds like it won't be long before you're watching Eggsy's third spy adventure on the big screen.