This Video Of All 62 Of Kirk’s Jobs On ‘Gilmore Girls’ Will Make You Feel Lazy AF

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Was the Gilmore Girls' (creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino) theme song secretly about side character Kirk Gleason? After all, if you call (for a service), he'll be there. As one of the most memorable residents of Stars Hollow, Kirk's job on Gilmore Girls was always changing, and there wasn't a single career he didn't consider himself qualified for. In fact, in a new video that cuts together clips from all his various gigs, there's an astounding 62 jobs or attempted jobs. His ability to dive into the deep end and do any work that needs doing — never letting his (many, many) past failings slow him down — is at once hilarious, annoying, and inspiring.

In the early seasons, this enterprising Kirk-of-all-trades would show up randomly to complete whatever task needed to be done, whether it was a termite inspection, DSL installation, or guarding a hay maze. As the series went on, the audience got to see more example of Kirk vying for these positions and attempting to get apprenticeships or "try out" different industries.

While most regular watchers of the WB series can recall several of Kirk's more memorable gigs, it's doubtful even a real super fan knows every job he tried. That's where this new nine-minute-plus super cut comes in handy.

At the heart of what makes this ongoing gag work is the actor Sean Gunn's commitment to the bit. The actor sold the ridiculousness of Kirk's ambition with a straight face and humorless persona as the character time-and-time-again proved how inept he was at every job he tried. Why would anybody become a mold inspector if they were afraid of mold? Who knows. But that was what made Kirk one of best weirdos living in Stars Hollow, the small, fictional New England town full of oddballs where the series' leads Lorelai and Rory Gilmore also reside.

Of course, not everyone in the sleepy town appreciated this enterprising Kirk-of-all-trades. One of the best qualities of Kirk, for viewers at any rate, was his ability to get under Luke's skin as he attempted to steal customers from the diner owner or to hawk his goods and services in the middle of the lunch rush. Lorelai was also not to keen on giving Kirk a job; in the video, she repeatedly rebuffs his attempts to earn a position working at her inn, which she co-owns with her best friend Sookie St. James.

At least shop-owner and town hall leader Taylor Doose always seems willing to give Kirk a shot — even if it means giving him the job of Minotaur during a town meeting.

Here's the thing about Kirk though: he always keeps trying. While many people have trouble recovering after a job falls through, after a lay-off, or after just a flat out firing, not Kirk. He is ready to argue for why he is the best candidate for the job, any job, resumé shortcomings and proper training be damned. He's also not ashamed to try new things; if self-reinvention is an art, than he is the master. He shows up ready to work — hair net in pocket or whatever prop necessary — before he's even offered the gig.

Look, I'm not saying that anyone should base their career path off Kirk. After all, few towns are as willing as Stars Hollow to accept that their political campaign poller is also their mail deliver and hockey announcer. In fact, no towns are as willing as Stars Hollow to accept that. But if some of us had half of Kirk's confidence walking into a job interview, the stress of career changing might not be so difficult.