There Are Now Even MORE Of Those Word Hair Clips That Are All Over Instagram


If you're tired of throwing your hair up into the usual messy bun, one hairstylist is ready to help you get your tresses Insta-ready. The second Kitsch x Justine Marjan hair clip collection just dropped, and the "Boss Vibes" line is on a mission to turn you into a maximalist. Forget the tasteful scrunchy or the single hair clip this spring season. Instead, cover your whole head in jumbo snap clips and rhinestone-adorned barrettes.

Much like how you used to decorate the crown of your head with butterfly clips in junior high, this new Boss Vibes collection gives you the grownup equivalent. The new collection offers five statement pieces. There are three hair embellished hairpins that read "bo$$," "icon," and "vibes" in a gothic font. In addition to that, there is an accent pin that takes the shape of an XL rhinestone snap clip. Rounding out the collection is a pack of two medium rhinestone snap clips.

This isn't the first time that celebrity hairstylist Marjan teamed up with the accessories brand, Kitsch. In Nov. 2018, the two collaborated to create an affordable hair accessory line that consisted of clips and pins. The accessories had phrases like “glam," “damn” and “drippin’.” The collection exploded on Instagram, and could barely stay in stock with its massive following.

When you check out Marjan's Instagram, the collection makes sense. A hairstylist to A-list celebs like Khloé Kardashian and Ashley Graham, Marjan's whole grid is filled with playful accessories. From ballerina buns covered in bows to braids twisted with chains, Marjan likes to decorate a hairdo.

The inaugural collection from 2018 was called “Too Glam To Give A Damn,” and the pins could be easily dressed up or down. Now for a second time around, Marjan x Kitsch have created a new line called "Serious Boss Vibes."

All of these hair accessories are meant to be mixed and matched. You can wear a single clip to dress up an off-duty outfit, or layer the hair pins together for a bedazzled, Friday night outfit.

Each of these hair clips cost $29, giving the shopper an affordable alternative to runway-inspired hair. While a fashion lover might lust over the bejeweled hair accessories that come down Gucci's and Marc Jacobs' runways, not everyone can afford clips that cost upwards of $300. Marjan's collection helps democratize the playful hair trend, letting people on budgets join in as well.

The oversized hair clip trend was all over the AW18 runway shows last year, sparking the fad. London designer Ashley Williams sent her trademark rhinestone clips down the runway that read “error” and “sorry," and Dolce & Gabbana had clips that took up one whole side of the head.

Celebs have also been wearing similar clips in the wild. Most famously, Selena Gomez wore an "Ugly" barrette in her hair. The artist wore it in her ponytail right after Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana called Gomez ugly on Instagram.

Now you can follow suit, and all for less than $30.