Kim K Is Relaunching Her Contour Sticks Because Of Complaints & Here Are The Massive Updates

KKW Beauty has expanded quite a bit since its initial launch last year. Now, they're looking back. The Kim Kardashian West helmed brand is revising their original product, and it's for a very good reason. Individual KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Sticks are coming fans' way, and not only are the new products in direct response to fan critique, but they're also coming with a surprise.

For those who were fans of the original three piece sets (two contour and highlight sticks and a brush), you may remember that there were calls to incorporate more product. While beauty vloggers complimented the formula and packaging, they also mentioned that there was little actual product inside the sticks. Kardashian is now remedying that.

In a social media announcement on Tuesday, Kardashian announced that not only would all shades of the contour and highlight sticks be sold seperately, but they would contain double the amount of product as the old versions. Talk about a win, right?

In her announcement, Kardashian directly explained that the decision to launch singles with more product inside came directly from fans' input and critiqued of the original. Clearly, she's all about making KKW Beauty lovers happy, and this definitely appears to be a great way to do it.

When will you be able to purchase the new (but kind of old) additions to the KKW Beauty family? You don't have long to wait because the contour and highlight sticks will be released on Feb. 16 at 3 p.m. ET/ noon PT.

As for the price, they're reasonable for those who didn't want to invest in the full kit when it first launched.

Previously, you could only buy the sticks in the $48 contour kit which included two dual-sided contour and highlight sticks and the KKW brush. Now, however, the cost will be $18 per stick, and they will come with double the amount of product. If you purchase one contour and one highlight, you'll be paying $36 and saving some cash.

As for the brush, according to a tweet from Kardashian, it won't be included, and it isn't listed for individual sale on the KKW Beauty website either. If you've previously purchased the kit and are only restocking with the new individuals, you're in luck. If not, you'll need to blend out your highlight and contour with a non-KKW Beauty tool.

What has the reaction to the announcement been like? Based on social media, lovers of KKW Beauty seem pleased by Kardashian's decision to split up the kit into singles.

Fans praised Kardashian for listening to their complaints and feedback and acting to satisfy all of her customers.

Others are happy for the singles as they only need one side of the older version replaced. Now, they don't need to purchase a brand new $48 kit.

Users are celebrating the singles' arrival given how long some people been calling for a new iteration of the classic KKW Beauty product.

Now, users can finally get their perfect shade of highlight and contour.

As for her powder kits, there's been no word on whether Kardashian intends to split up her highlighting and contouring powders. However, selling them in individual pans could allow fans to replenish their supply without buying an entirely new kit with hues they don't need quite yet.

If you're one of many KKW Beauty fans who have been waiting for the reality star turned beauty mogul to create creme contour and highlight singles, you're in luck. They're officially coming your way on Feb. 16. Mark your calendars and get ready to shop. This long awaited addition is here.