Klaus & Hope Reunite On 'The Originals' & It's Adorable

Bob Mahoney/The CW

After five years kept apart, Klaus and Hope reunited on The Originals in "Haunter of Ruins." The father-daughter reunion was awkward at first — probably because Klaus hadn't seen Hope since she was a baby — but the two soon bonded over their love of painting and her magic powers. Alas, the sweet Mikaelson family reunion only lasted one day before something evil came calling. Klaus and Hope reunited on The Originals just as Hope was attacked by a magical entity, the same one kidnapping children in New Orleans.

Now that Klaus is finally out of his prison, all he wants to do is to make sure Hope knows that he will never let anything happen to her. He wants to protect her and love her, at all costs. Elijah, who is happily reunited with Hayley, seems to be on the same page as an uncle/potential stepfather. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Kol decide they want to go on an adventure and skip town while Freya becomes obsessed with getting enough venom to make more cure to Marcel's venom. Freya's cruelty to the werewolf they kidnapped created some friction between her and Hayley, but it turns out Freya might have been right to be so paranoid. Instead of getting as far away from Marcel and New Orleans as possible, Klaus is now going back into the lion's den.

At night, after their reunion, Hope wakes up cold as ice and feeling like the life is being drained out of her. It doesn't take long for Hayley to receive a message from Vincent. Hope's sick, and she needs to get back to New Orleans so that he can cure her. It turns out, Hope is a target of a dark magic sacrifice. One that Vincent wants to stop at all costs. So, as Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, and Hope return to New Orleans to meet with Vincent, it's probably best that Freya keep working on a cure. Who knows what will happen when Marcel and Klaus cross paths.