Kosher Drinks To Serve At Your Passover Seder

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I've always felt like the best part of any holiday dinner is the the part where you drink a lot and stop feeling self conscious and awkward — right? If you are anything like me, you'll likely know that things get a little tricky during some Jewish holidays as there are some restrictions on what you can and can't consume. So, if you're all about those holiday drinks, with Passover approaching you're definitely going to want to know about some kosher drinks to serve at your seder. Because there's actually a lot of things you won't be able to offer if you and your guests are keeping strict kosher diets. But hey, fret not — there's plenty of Passover-approved booze to keep things lively and interesting for everyone.

And despite the fact that people always tell you that the key to being a good host is serving a lot of booze and keeping everyone's cups full, there are other ways to be a good host that don't include playing bartender. You can take your time with setting the table properly or work on some decor. There are so many ways to make your guests feel comfortable without liquoring them up. It's always an option,of course, to have a dry Passover seder. Or, if mocktails are your jam, this could be fun for you. But, if you do indeed want to serve alcoholic beverages, here are a few different kosher drinks for Passover.


Duh! You probably knew this already. But yes, wine is a totally A-OK thing to drink on Passover. Get some white, get some red, get some Rosé, get some bubbly — go nuts on the wine selection, because it's going to be your best friend this Passover.

Kosher Beer

Yes! It's a thing. It's made with fermented dates and it's totally Passover-friendly. It was actually made by a Israeli beer company for the exact purpose of being kosher for Passover. It's called Meadan Craft Beer, and you can order it online.


Olé! Whether you're the tequila shot kinda person or the margarita kinda person, you can drink all the tequila you want on Passover. The agave plant-derived drink has no leavening process, making it totally kosher.

(Some) Vodka

If it's gluten-free, it's also probably kosher for Passover. Most domestic vodkas are fair game. Just make sure to check the back of the bottle for either "Kosher" or "P."

(Some) Whiskey

Most blended whiskeys are certified kosher and totally permitted on the seder table. As always, check the label for the official certification.