Kourtney Kardashian's B-Day Trip Is Wild

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your birthday is the one day where you can be a brat and have anything you wish and no one can tell you anything about it. But for many people, one day is not nearly enough, and the tradition of a birthday week was eventually born. While our civilian birthday weeks might include three nights out on the town, celebrities always take things a step further. For example, two of the Kardashian sisters went on a trip in honor of Kourtney Kardashian's birthday, and based on their social media documentation, it looks like the girls trip of my dreams.

I never expect anything Kourtney and Kim Kardashian do to be anything less than extravagant, and this is no exception. After kicking off her birthday week with a trip to Disneyland with Scott Disick and their young children, Kourtney jetted off to Mexico with 14 girlfriends and for bikinis, booze, inflatable penises, and loads more. I have been fantasizing about a tropical getaway for so long, and the fact that they could just pick up and go to an incredible resort with their best friends is enough to make me just a tiny bit jealous. OK, a lot bit jealous.

These ladies are clearly having a blast, so here are some moments from Kourtney's birthday bash so far that prove she and her friends are having the time of their lives.

When She Couldn't Contain Her Excitement

I mean, do you blame her? I would be doing cartwheels, too.

When Kourt Roasted Herself

A proper tropical vacation is hard to do without a little hangover action.

When Kim Roasted Everyone

And that was just beginning.

When The Girls Went Wild With An Inflatable Penis

The blurriness adds a special touch.

When They Hung Out On A Boat All Day

Must be nice!

When They Drank A Lot of Tequila

When in Mexico...

When They Sashayed Away

Dancing on tables is peak girls trip, especially to their unofficial girl trip song.

When They Were Serenaded By Mariachi

There goes their song again!

When Kourtney Showed Off Her Beach Outfits

She clearly was feeling herself — and she should 'cause it's her birthday!

When They Wore Matching Bathing Suits

I don't know what SPF 1942 means but they look cute!

When Their Group Chat Was On Fire

It definitely sounds like "Despacito," which Kourtney was dancing to in the video above, was the song of the trip.

When They Took This Friends Photo

This was the shot.

Yup, looks like an ideal birthday weekend for me. Long live girls' trips.