Kris Jenner Helped Deliver Kylie’s Baby Stormi, According To A New ‘KUWTK’ Clip — VIDEO

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Kris Jenner is always there for her children, no matter what the circumstances. In a new clip from Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, Kris tells Kourtney about how Kylie's delivery went at the hospital. Apparently, Kris helped deliver Kylie's baby Stormi, which definitely goes above and beyond standard mom duties.

In the KUWTK clip, Kris tells Kourtney and Kim that their sister "did really, really well" while she was in labor with Stormi, who's Kylie's first child. "She just kept saying, 'I just don't feel any pain,'" Kris said of her daughter. Even when Kylie was going through contractions, she apparently stayed totally calm throughout the whole thing.

"She was such a trooper. She really was," Kris says to Kim and Kourtney in the clip. "So calm, it was really exciting." Then, Kris drops what's apparently too much information for Kim to handle: Apparently, Kris "delivered the baby."

Kourtney appears to have already known this, but it's all news to Kim. When Kris turns to Kim to explain the situation, she gives even more detail about Stormi, saying, "I pulled her out." Kim's immediate reaction is an honest one — instead of congratulating her mom on helping Kylie, she cringes and says, "Ew."

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Even though Kim and Kourtney are both moms themselves, it looks like they had pretty different reactions to Kris' news. It's understandable why Kourtney isn't as fazed by the situation, though. As KUWTK fans will recall, when Kourtney gave birth to her son Mason, she pulled the baby out herself. So the thought of Kris pulling Stormi out of Kylie's body didn't have much of an impact on her, even if it made Kim a bit uncomfortable.

Aside from the comments about Kylie's delivery, fans are also picking up on some funny details about the video. At the end of the clip, Kim is seen resting her sneakers atop the couch, which didn't sit well with some fans.

Multiple YouTube comments show fans' frustration with the fact that sneakers are apparently allowed on the Kardashian/Jenner couches. And as the fan reaction to some of Netflix's latest rom-coms has demonstrated, wearing shoes on indoor furniture is just a no-no. There's also the fact that Kourtney is holding her coffee mug at a decidedly strange angle, and it's not clear there's actually any liquid in it (for further evidence, examine the cup at 0:17 in the clip above).

Jokes about the show aside, not every mom would want to be as involved in the delivery room as Kris was. Having your first child isn't easy, and it sounds like Kris did her best to make Kylie as comfortable and relaxed as possible before Stormi's birth. Kris really is always there for her kids, even on stressful days like this one.

In the video Kylie shared when she announced Stormi's birth, Kris also shared a sweet message for her new granddaughter. "You've got the best mom," Kris says to Stormi in the video. "And you're so lucky. This is such a blessing. It's gonna be the most amazing journey."

Based on the new clip, it sounds like Kris had an instrumental part in that journey, even in Stormi's first minutes in the world. There's nothing Kris won't do for her daughters, and Stormi's definitely blessed to grow up in such a loving family.