Kris Jenner's Update About The Kylie Jenner Cereal Saga Is Too Funny — VIDEO

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The cereal saga continues. Now, the matriarch of the Kar-Jenner crew is spilling all of the details on the latest, wild Kylie Jenner story. As People reported, Kris Jenner talked about Kylie Jenner's cereal habits and revealed that, in a major plot twist, she might be the one responsible for her daughter's recent interesting update.

On Sept. 20, Kris chatted with E! News co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy, where they got to the bottom of the cereal story. When they asked whether she let Kylie eat cereal with milk when she was young, Kris admitted, “It’s all my fault. Guilty as charged."

The momager continued to say that she didn't exactly give her daughter the classic combo when she was growing up, “I let the kid eat dry cereal and I think it just kind of stuck with her.” But lest you think of Kris as a dry cereal eater herself, she cleared that up, too. "I'm an almond milk person myself," she said, "so, you know, that's where I stand on the issue."

Here's where the cereal conspiracy gets even more interesting. People also reported that in 2013 Kylie shared a photo of a bowl that appears to be filled with berries and you guessed it — cereal and milk. (It's also possible it might be yogurt, FYI. More on that later.)

As usual, Kris put her spin skills to great use when asked about that development. "There’s every possibility that we really don’t know what’s in the milk. It could be almond milk; it could be something mixed with coconut for all we know. There’s nothing that proves it was actually milk," she told E! News.

So there you have it, folks. The world finally knows why the Life of Kylie star had never eaten the classic breakfast meal until now, and as it turns out, it's all Kris' fault.

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In case you weren't aware of this latest Kylie update, you've seriously missed out. On Sept. 18, the youngest of the Kar-Jenner siblings set Twitter aflame with her revelation. She wrote, "last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing." Um, say what now? How is it that Kylie, who recently turned 21 years old, hasn't had the cereal and milk combo? It may just be the most wild bit of info that's come out of the Kardashian-Jenner camp yet.

Most of Twitter agreed, just based on their surprised reactions to her tweet. Even actor Seth Rogen got in on the fun, joking, "Wait till you try peanut butter and jam."

Just when you think this couldn't get any wilder, well, it does. Some realized that Kylie had posted the aforementioned breakfast bowl back in 2013, in which is looks as though there is cereal and milk in the bowl. What does that mean? That either she wasn't telling the whole truth or she just simply forgot.

But others have hypothesized, like Kris did, that it wasn't actual milk in the bowl, at all. It's totally possible that fans are looking at a fruit parfait situation going on in the 2013 snap.

Regardless of whether it's milk or yogurt (it's totally yogurt), one thing is clear in this whole Kylie cereal saga: You can always count on Kris to help get to the true root of the issue regarding any wild Kar-Jenner story.