Kris Jenner's Valentine's Day Gifts For Baby True Went Above & Beyond

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's daughter is barely 10 months old, but she's already having the best Valentine's Day ever — and it's not even Feb. 14 yet. Take, for example, Kris Jenner's Valentine's Day gifts for baby True, which Kardashian recently revealed via her Instagram Stories. First of all, please note the word "gifts," as in plural. Second of all, Jenner's presents for True are ... really big. Huge. Like, they legitimately might be bigger than the baby girl is herself.

In the video Kardashian posted to her Stories on Feb. 13, the 34-year-old reality star can be heard in the background saying, "Look Miss True. Look what 'Lovey' got you for Valentine's Day."

Now, in case you haven't been keeping up — pun intended — Kim Kardashian told Vogue back in 2014 that Jenner prefers her grandchildren call her "Lovey" instead of something like "Grandma." Even if you didn't know that, though, Khloé made sure to give the matriarch credit by captioning the clip, "I love you mommy!! @KrisJenner."

So, what did "Lovey" send over, you wonder? Well, for starters, Jenner gifted True a gigantic Hello Kitty stuffed animal. You can tell how big it is based on how it compares to Khloé's hand, which you get a quick glimpse of in the video as she's showing it off.

As if that weren't enough, Jenner also gifted true a second stuffed animal: a fluffy pink bear that's clutching a heart-shaped lollipop with one of its sequin-studded paws. Now, this stuffed animal doesn't appear to be quite as big as Hello Kitty, but it's also not small either. It's probably like, half of True's size as opposed to as big if not bigger than True's size.

The package with the bear had a few other items in it as well, including what appears to be a red, glittery, heart-shaped purse with "BE MINE" printed across the front. It's kind of hard to tell what the third item is — a mini mailbox, maybe? — but it's safe to assume that it's as equally over-the-top as the other presents.

It's worth noting that these weren't the first or only gifts True has racked up this week, according to Khloé's Instagram Stories. Pair of Thieves co-found/Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren, sent over a big ol' heart-shaped cookie cake that reads, "Happy Valentine's Day True," and a bunch of personalized socks with a hand-written letter. She also got a bunch of cute clothes from the kids brand, Little Cosmos.

Perhaps the most extravagant gifts of all came via a joint package from Artis and Steamline Luggage. Steamline sent True one of their big, black suitcases, and — again with the sizing — the 10-month-old could totally fit inside of it. They'd have to empty it out first, though, because it came stacked to the brim with make-up brushes and assorted beauty tools from Artis. Yep. Make-up brushes. For an infant. Told you she was having the best Valentine's Day ever.

True undoubtedly lives a pretty charmed life, but her Valentine's Day is going to be particularly extra this year. While she may not know what to do with the suitcase or the make-up brushes yet, at least she'll know that she's loved.