Here’s Why Krispy Kreme’s Donuts Will Look Different During The Solar Eclipse

Krispy Kreme

In honor of the very special celestial event coming up on Aug. 21, Krispy Kreme's making Solar Eclipse donuts because they know we're all looking for any excuse to eat more donuts than we already do. (Just kidding, you don't ever need an excuse to eat a donut!) The eclipse donut is a play on their classic glazed donut, except instead of a classic glaze, it's going chocolate for the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. It sounds ominous, but really, it's just extra chocolate-y. This is the first time Krispy Kreme is doing anything like this so I guess the excitement of the eclipse really got their creativity flowing. And while there's nothing better than the classic glaze, a little chocolate interruption never hurt anyone. Summer time is a great time to shake things up, like your love life, your sense of adventure, and yes, your donut game.

The chocolate glazed donut will be available in participating stores in the US and Canada the day of the eclipse, Aug. 21. However, you can purchase the limited-time eclipse donut before its official debut during evening Hot Light hours, on Aug. 19 and 20. If you just started to pencil in "Hot Light hours" into your donut calendar and then realized you had no idea what that meant, here's how Kripsy Kreme explains it: Hot Light hours are the actual hours that doughnuts are being made and glazed inside the store. The store's neon lights will be on during this time to signify the glazing is blazing — get it? Hot Lights? So if you get there early during this time to get your donuts before everyone else, you'll also get to catch a glimpse of a chocolate glaze water fall for the first time ever.

Now, if you're not embarrassed about having your coworkers see you drooling at your desk, then you might want to take a look at this promotional video that Kripsy Kreme made for the occasion. It's food porn at its finest and it's going to give you something to look forward to — you know, donut-wise.

Now, excuse me while I spend the rest of my day looking forward to a donut that's two weeks away. Perhaps using a photo of the eclipse donut as my desktop screen saver will suffice?