K. Stew's 'Personal Shopper' Looks Terrifying

IFC Films

Coming off of an incredible night hosting Saturday Night Live, Kristen Stewart is having a bit of a moment. Between her hilarious opening monologue calling out President Donald Trump's investment in her love life (well, in Robert Pattinson's, really), and accidentally dropping an F-bomb, Stewart was on fire. Don't let her stellar SNL performance make you forget why she was hosting the sketch show in the first place though. The actor's new film, Personal Shopper, premieres Mar. 10 in theaters, and thanks to its showing at Cannes, the film is generating major buzz.

The new Personal Shopper trailer debuted just hours before K.Stew's SNL gig, and it is an absolute must see for horror fans. Now that you know once and for all the Twilight star can be funny, it is time to let her give you goosebumps too. In the movie, Stewart plays Maureen, an American in Paris, who has taken on a job as a personal shopper for a star as she waits for her dead twin brother to give her a sign from the afterlife. I know, the premise sounds odd, but the trailer is absolutely stunning in the way it melds mystery with horror.

As with any good ghost story, there is a question of whether or not Maureen is being haunted or simply losing her grip on reality. When a murder occurs, things get even more complicated for the ex-pat as she tries to make sense of everything she is experiencing. Check out the trailer for yourself, and prepare to get all the chills.

The film has been making its mark at all of the festivals with Olivier Assayas winning Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, and Stewart taking top honors at Oaxaca FilmFest. There is clearly something special about Personal Shopper, and as wow-worthy as the atmosphere the trailer creates is, Stewart is the real standout. She is at the center of the story, and in the few scenes offered up for horror and thriller fans to freak out over, her character has all the markings of being an unreliable narrator — also known as the best kind for twisty narratives.

Seeing Maureen's story unfold through Stewart is going to be a can't-miss experience, especially for genre movie fans. Whether or not Personal Shopper boasts any ghosts or not, Stewart appears haunted enough to make paranormal activity irrelevant. Her performance seems to be at once soulful and marred by grief, leaving you craving more of Maureen's story immediately.

It is a shame just how underrated the actor is for her diverse body of film work. Hopefully, after seeing her own SNL as a host, a new set of fans will discover just how talented K.Stew is in time to catch her spooky, Parisian mystery in theaters.